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  1. Bobby

    Nachdi Jawani @ Jashan 2012

    Joriaan Red - Arby Parby Green - Chan Gagan Yellow - Sukhi Aman Orange - Sukhpreet Gurkanwal Pink- Ajay Pappi Purple - Khush and I
  2. Bobby

    Jashan Review:)

    Hands down best organization and committee ! Thanks for everything, you guys were amazing and on point :)
  3. Bobby

    Bhangra Idols, "Best of the Best" Placings

    +138120989572039473045650781255, thank you. word, everyone needs to chill he didn't kill anyone..its not the end of humanity. I'm pretty sure majority of BTF has watched wrestling at one point or another while DX is giving the 'suck it' gesture to the WORLD on live TV. big whooop . And as for...
  4. Bobby

    Nachdi Jawani Bhangre Di Mehfil

    Orange - arby brown- gurvir jasdeep blue - ricky robi purple - manjot manna green - amandeep gaganpreet yellow - rajvinder jass pink - bobby khush red/rasberry - chan ranjit
  5. Bobby

    Nachdi Jawani @ T-dot bhangra 2011

    Believe it or not, it was a coincidence.
  6. Bobby


    any wideoss ?
  7. Bobby

    Best Team In Each State.......

    YEEEEEEEEE VBC vicks bhangra crew cant wait for you guys !!!
  8. Bobby

    #1 dancer on btf

    VICK - this is because the thread got locked so sadly i have to start my own LMAO vick do you even have any pictures of yourself on stage? ya i made a mistake but i wanna see you try that set yourself ahah that would be a good laugh honestly i have other things to DO unlike sitting here...
  9. Bobby

    NJ owned...

    yo SON chill i'm not your son its funny how vick says we have so many "NJ groupies" when hes the one probably analyzing us the most LOL its funny really.., i dont dance for BTF members to post pictures about me or give me criticism.. i just wanna see vick dance LOLL once again dont be thinking...
  10. Bobby

    NJ owned...

    LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL vick have you ever even danced on stage? get off the computer and start practicing honestly you spend too much time on BTF and im the guy that never jumped so dont come out talking shit about NJ after this post, you gotta problem with that mistake come let me know
  11. Bobby

    Nachdi Jawani Elite 8 Video

    PM me about it too if any1 has any videos please and thanks! :)
  12. Bobby

    semi-signature songs for teamss =)

    NJ VIBC - furrrrr
  13. Bobby

    semi-signature songs for teamss =)

    MAD - kuldip manak, "mirza" i believe? at bhangra masti 2
  14. Bobby

    Bulldog Bhangra 2009 Final Line-up!!!

    looks like is gonna be a fun comp! goodluck to all teams :) really wish i could come back :(
  15. Bobby

    Nachdi Jawani Girls @ TBYF

    no NJW professional video??
  16. Bobby

    Nachdi Jawani Girls @ TBYF

    too sickk :)