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    Kohinoor Folk Arts Club GTV--Dont think this is posted yet

    Kohinoor Folk Arts Club @ Warrior Bhangra 2012 my bad if this has already been posted....
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    Next jam for many routines? Babbar Sheran Nu - Jakara - Tedi Pagg Productions
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    GTV Nachdi Jawani @ Jashan 2012- 1st Place

    amazing performance....this is what i personally expect of NJ...saw a whole load of old school moves and a load of new stuff as well...old school moves that I rarely see now a could tell the focus of their gimmicks...strait pure bhangra... amazing stuff...great song...
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    Warrior Bhangra Placings

    lol...people were hating on the new vardees....RIPPED IT UP....KOHINOOR!!!!! congrats to all the other teams on their amazing performances and placings....
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    Warrior Bhangra - Live Stream

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    Reebok Commerical Gone .. Punjabi?

    Re: reebok comercial lol same...i was walking by...grabbed the remote from my dad and rewinded...loll...tripped out
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    Reebok Commerical Gone .. Punjabi?

    Reebok: OchoCinco vs. Annie ZigActivate loving it!
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    Apna Virsa Bhangra Group @ Bulldog Bhangra 2011 (GTVHD) tech team for music usually never understands what we need...they usually pick up the levels of the tumbi mic or some other mic and forget the most important ones...but still amazing performance...i didnt know that jas played dhol till i watched the out of the...
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    Kohinoor Folk Arts Club @ Bulldog Bhangra 2011 (GTVHD)

    no excuses for a mess up..... but in this case he messed up his foot pretty bad during practice and was in a lot of pain performing...he froze his foot for the performance...wasn't on his "A game" that's for sure....ive never really seen him mess up it must of been a extreme injury...
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    Apna Virsa Bhangra Group @ Bulldog Bhangra 2011 (GTVHD)

    amazing set...u guys are helllla was amazing too...only thing is....maybe it was the video or the hall or MY ear? but the mic's wernt picking up the dhol properly...or maybe my speakers just suck on my lap top....
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    Bulldog Bhangra 2011 Placings

    vids reviews?
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    Kohinoor Folk arts Club Surrey

    Sadey Husday Kehldey Gabroo kohinoor folk arts club team in fresno california raju pardesi di tumbi @ kfac
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    Bulldog Bhangra 2011 Placings

    Congrats to ABC...cant wait to see ur guys routine after idols... and TAG nd SIAC.... and most of all my boiz from KOHINOOOOORRRRRR....!!!!!!wooooo.....celebrate hard!!!!!!!
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    Soundtrack for Breakaway-RDB gurenteed gona be used this season...
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    PCBCA Juniors @ Bhangra Idols Juniors Best 2011

    Jhoothi by nachattar it
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    PCBCA Juniors @ Bhangra Idols Juniors Best 2011

    wuts the song at 3:03...juti eh tu juti?
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    Soundtrack for Breakaway

    i was looking around and i found a couple other tracks from the movie...thought somone might have came across that one too...thanks tho!