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    NC State Bhangra @ Desi Dhamaka 2009

    Here is our performance from Desi Dhamaka. Constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.
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    desi dhamaka results

    ECU and Virsa dont want anyone to post videos. Ours will be up soon
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    desi dhamaka results

    My team and I had a great time this weekend in Albany. It was definitely a memorable trip. I just wanted to say thank you to the organizers of Desi Dhamaka for putting on this competition. It was one of the best organized, well run competitions I’ve ever been to. And you guys did a great job...
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    NC State Bhangra at Virsa Punjab Da 2009 I also have other videos from the show except for Natya Juniors, UVA, and Bankian Naaran. If any teams don't want me to post them, let me know.
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    Natya Academy's Gajjde Gabroo Band - "Apna Punjab" at Virsa Punjab Da 2009
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    Joshiley Jawan at Virsa Punjab Da 09 Joshiley Jawan in HD