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    can we use this site more

    correction: that's not a bollywood teams' page lol. "Desi" encompasses everything, including bhangra. All is welcome :)
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    DUB: Looking for Vardiyaan

    emailed you!
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    DUB: Looking for Vardiyaan

    Still looking?
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    Selling almost new 12 guys vardis!!

    They have been worn to ONLY 2 comps, so they're in great condition. Overall quality of the work/fabric is A++. DM me or email us at for questions/inquiries!! Attaching a couple of pictures here. Thank you!
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    Vendor Feedback

    Hi BTF, I'm posting on behalf of my team, Lone Star Gabroos. We got our vardis from Harjeet Mangi. I'm posting on here because we had a terrible experience with him and I want to make sure all of you out there are aware. Why we had a bad experience overall is a pretty long and annoying story...
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    Looking for a DJ!

    My team is looking to hire a DJ for a whole mix. Please message me with your availability and rates! Thank you, Nilly
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    Looking to buy/rent vardis/saaps!

    Hi all, This is my first post on BTF! My team is looking to buy/rent vardis for men and wooden saaps. Looking for 12. Please let me know if anyone is selling! :) Thanks, Nilly