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  1. Jessica

    PCBCA @ BAB 2012

    I cannot believe i missed this... you guys are so good! <3 Pcbca <3 MANJOT!!!!! charaii ah poori! haha, straight killed it. congrats boys!
  2. Jessica

    Garden State Bhangra Results?

    Yay Virsa!! :D Congrats to all of the placing teams.
  3. Jessica

    Tv's First Bhangra Show!

  4. Jessica

    Pammi Bhai Album Help, PLEASE!

    THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Jessica

    Pammi Bhai Album Help, PLEASE!

    Hi Btf'ers I'm looking for maybe the name or a download link to Pammi Bhai's second album. I have no idea what the name might be and have asked around but obviously have had no luck and so I am now turning to you BTF for some help, Hopefully one of you lovely people can help me with this...
  6. Jessica

    PCBCA @ Bhangra Idols Best Of the Best

    "sicker than your average" !!!! :)
  7. Jessica

    Nachdi Jawani @ Bhangra Idols FULL***

    +1! These guys tore that stage up.
  8. Jessica

    TAG at Bulldog Bhangra V (Balcony View)

    Best girls team in the circuit. Congrats girls!!!!!!
  9. Jessica

    Bhangra Idols "The Best of the Best" Poll

    BC's best... P.C.B.C.A. YEAH BUDDY! 8)
  10. Jessica

    Minor Bhangra Competition In NJ and NY

    uhhh, interesting.
  11. Jessica

    New Jusreign video... punjabi music rant!

    Hahahahahah! This video is so legit, all reasons were just spot on! Yo yo maple syrup singh .. LMAO! awesome.
  12. Jessica

    Khirre Phul Gulab De at Bayside Bhangra

    This was by far KPGD's best performance (IMO) + I agree with ^, that one blue guy was going H.a.m. but regardless, you guys did a really good job! yay! flower power.
  13. Jessica

    Bayside Bhangra 2011 Committee Follow Up

    Yay for Bayside! Major YAYYYY for Hasneet & Awneet <3
  14. Jessica


    Lol, perfect jori! ;) Haha, I KNOW!!!! You've always been so supportive of this & that convo we had at elite 8 def. pumped me up!! ;D
  15. Jessica


    Re: Pick up lines by an indian guy! Awww! lol, i thought some parts were funny.. go Vik :)
  16. Jessica

    TAG Bhangra - Bhangra Fever 3 Practice video

    Sickest girls team, ever!