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  1. Saleem

    New server post

    Hey this is a test
  2. Saleem

    Rutgers / Central NJ contact?

    I'm looking for a team to perform at a non-profit's annual event in central NJ. Can anyone point me to relevant teams? Thanks in advance
  3. Saleem

    BTF Version update

    You may have noticed a couple weeks ago that BTF's user experience improved a little bit. We went to a beta release of a new forum version. This morning we upgraded to the final release. Mostly small improvements, but FYI here are the changes (via xenforo): Native push notifications on...
  4. Saleem

    Please don't post illegal rips/downloads

    We get reported on Google's platforms and it becomes an issue. Thanks. Please continue to post soundcloud embeds, youtube, etc.
  5. Saleem

    New Moderators! Also: Holy crap BTF turned 10 years old

    Hi everyone! We didn’t really celebrate this, but I just realized that this past April, BTF turned 10 years old! It’s been amazing to see BTF evolve over the years. Obviously, conversation on BTF is a lot different and less than in its earlier years. I’ve been talking to a few people who want...
  6. Saleem

    Happy Lohri!

  7. Saleem

    Who's going to start new initiatives??

    Before launching this, a bunch of us were talking on the facebook group (join here if you're not in it yet) about new initiatives that could kickstart activity in the bhangra community. Each of these needs people to actually make it happen. Chime in below if you have another idea, or what you...
  8. Saleem

    BTF is Upgrading

    Welcome to the new BTF! Many of you have tried it out recently as I ran migration tests. All (280,000) posts have made the jump over to our new forum system. What are the main reasons we switched over? - Log in with Facebook, and overall tighter Facebook integration. Turns out this whole...
  9. Saleem

    Current captains please message me

    To current team captains, please message me on FB at I'm trying out a few things that could be really helpful for discussion and team engagement on FB-- i'd love to include you and get your opinion on it. Thanks
  10. Saleem

    What happens when you hit 2000 posts?

    Everyone should be concerned, after 2000 the SkiFree yeti hunts you down or something
  11. Saleem

    Happy Birthday, BTF :)

    BTF turned 8!
  12. Saleem

    Bhangra Fantasy League

    I think I've brought it up before, but have people thought about doing a bhangra fantasy league? Prior to each competition, you'd select three teams you think will place 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. You get points for calling it correctly, and over the course of a season, you accumulate points and the...
  13. Saleem

    New Canadian Prime Minister has some bhangra moves
  14. Saleem

    Superwoman trending worldwide

    On twitter, #2 world wide, #3 in the US currently. Just thought i'd point it out, kinda crazy. I'm not the biggest fan of her humor but hey, it seems many others are. P.S. - AUNTIES BE LIKE [ ]
  15. Saleem

    Any Design students or contacts?

    Is anyone on college teams now a design student or friends with any design students? I'm looking to make consistent but individualized themes for Bhangra Teams Forum, Raas Teams Forum, and Classical Teams Forum. This would likely include logo tweaks, color palette selection, forum skin/theme...
  16. Saleem

    New BTF Platform - Early Beta

    I migrated BTF's 230,000 posts to a new platform called Xenforo. I've brought this up in the past, but really quickly, the reason to change platforms is - the current platform (SMF) has stagnated tremendously since 2011 and is not keeping up with any forum or internet traffic trends - the new...
  17. Saleem

    Using Bhangra Mixes board versus Media Center

    I'm starting to test the new forum platform, and we don't yet have a Media Center there. However, I'm seeing more and more music getting posted to the Music Board that's linked to SoundCloud or YouTube, rather than attached files. This means the Media Center itself has become less important...
  18. Saleem

    Synchronization in this dance is unreal
  19. Saleem

    BTF Downtime Sunday Feb 23

    Hi all, I need to do some work on BTF in support of the upgrade task. There are about 70 people on BTF right now so I can't do it now. Tomorrow for about 30 minutes in the afternoon I'll make BTF read-only so I can do some testing.
  20. Saleem

    Android and iOS Developers

    Anyone an (even beginner) Android developer or iOS developer? We need some help packaging up a responsive design website into an app, and adding in website alerts and messages as push notifications.