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  1. Saleem

    New server post

    Pulled it from some other topic
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    New server post

  3. Saleem

    New server post

    Hey this is a test
  4. Saleem

    Safe for competitions to return?

    Two things: Safety and Revenue Safety Sports leagues will return with stringent policies around testing and distancing, e.g. the NBA: If I was a team captain I would want to understand the protocols a competition organizer had in place to keep my team safe. I think this would make me further...
  5. Saleem

    Week 2: Bracket A - Matchup 1 (Voting Closed)

    The mixing mods asked that I post this: After reviewing legitimate accounts & recounting votes, it was a tie, so my tie breaker vote goes to: DJ 1. ?
  6. Saleem

    Pataka/Dhamaka Footwork

    So you're telling us: his hips don't lie?
  7. Saleem

    Quarantine Dance Challenge

    Did this guy just dance an entire bhangra competition? 10 sets?!!
  8. Saleem

    31 - Mailbag #1

    sees first topic, cries (kidding. Yall know I'm open to any changes to BTF to help the community. Whether that's mods kickstarting discussions, banning unhelpful trolls, or moving to the FB group)
  9. Saleem

    Bhangra Blowout 27 — Cancelled

    Responsible move. Thanks.
  10. Saleem

    Bhangra move compendium

    ?? well done!
  11. Saleem

    Rutgers / Central NJ contact?

    I'm looking for a team to perform at a non-profit's annual event in central NJ. Can anyone point me to relevant teams? Thanks in advance
  12. Saleem

    Bruin Bhangra

    FAUJ got 1st. Idk beyond that unfortunately
  13. Saleem

    Judging Bias/Rubrics

  14. Saleem

    Judging Bias/Rubrics

    I know youre not attacking, it's all good. Competitions can try out new stuff. I think (as I think I wrote too many years ago now lol) that the solution is well thought-out rubrics so that we reward and incentivize the behavior we want adherence to that rubric transparency of judges selection...
  15. Saleem

    Judging Bias/Rubrics

    Any competition can feel free to do in-venue voting. Do it by applause volume if you want, it would be fun. But if you're looking to solve the thread topic of "Judging Bias/Rubrics"-- your solution doesn't solve anything.
  16. Saleem

    Judging Bias/Rubrics

    Chiming in here. If you allow anyone to vote electronically (online), you're inviting spam as people will send out the link and get everyone they know to vote. In a venue of capacity 700 you might have 5,000 votes. Then it's just a social media popularity contest and no one even needs to show up...
  17. Saleem

    BTF Version update

    Regarding push notifications I would need to buy an SSL license to run HTTPS which I can do, just figuring if people want this feature.
  18. Saleem

    BTF Version update

    You may have noticed a couple weeks ago that BTF's user experience improved a little bit. We went to a beta release of a new forum version. This morning we upgraded to the final release. Mostly small improvements, but FYI here are the changes (via xenforo): Native push notifications on...