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  1. Armaan

    Bhangra Theory @ Boston Bhangra 2018

    A huge thank you to the folks at Boston Bhangra for giving us the chance to compete for the very first time! As always, Rohit Bhambi and the rest of the BBC team threw another amazing competition. Congratulations to the placing teams NJFL, ABC, and BU! Below are our video and mix. Thank you to...
  2. Armaan

    NEW YORK CITY COED TEAM - Collecting Interest

    Hey everyone, I'm starting a new competitive COED bhangra team in New York City called "Bhangra Theory." Reaching out to connect with anyone interested. Would be great to get some comp experience in the spring so if you are interested or know anyone who is, please reach out to me directly via...
  3. Armaan

    Unforgettable Superstar (Armani Remix)

    Made a mashup with Unforgettable by French Montana and Superstar by SukhE/Musical Doctorz/DivyaBhatt. Trying to put out some more tracks to close the summer out niiiice. Please share and like if you enjoy it!
  4. Armaan

    NYC Co-ed bhangra teams

    Moved back to NYC a while back and miss dancing :( Any co-ed teams here looking for dancers? Or are enough folks here interested in starting a co-ed team. Just saying... I'd be down, let me know!
  5. Armaan

    ** NEBC Girls @ Boston Bhangra 2015 MIX **

    Hope ya digggggg it
  6. Armaan

    Bhangra Blowout XXII - LIVE STREAM via Periscope

    Hey everyone! In works with Bhangra Blowout, we are setting up multiple LIVE STREAMS of the show on PERISCOPE! If you don't have Periscope, just check it out at and download the app. You'll be able to find streams using the #bhangrablowout and also by looking for any of the...
  7. Armaan

    Need a DHOL in the BAY AREA!

    If anyone knows of anyone in the Bay Area who has a good Dhol, please let me know or connect us if possible! Looking to possibly borrow one for a few days as I have something here this weekend! I would be greatly appreciative, thank you!
  8. Armaan

    What ever happened to Competition Reviews? BTF's FUTURE-->

    So I remember joining BTF in '08 as a freshman in college and used to love how after every competition or performance, those who attended and were on BTF many times posted full fledge reviews of the shows, quite often team by team. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has noticed this, but this...
  9. Armaan

    Dhol needed TONIGHT in ATLANTA

    Ayyy BTF folks, if anyone in the Atlanta area has a dhol which they are willing to let me borrow for tonight I would greatly appreciate it! Please let me know! Or if you are bored and just wanna play the dhol at a party tonight and get ur drink on you are welcome to do that as well. Get in touch...
  10. Armaan

    DHOL in Atlanta Area

    in need of borrowing a dhol for the night of March 23rd in the Atlanta area. Flying down on Friday the 22nd, please let me know if anyone has one or knows of someone who may be of some assistance! Thanks
  11. Armaan

    The BhangraList - Modern Craigslist For Bhangra

    As we aim to release a few products by next week, one of our products are BhangraList. We basically created a modern craigslist catered for the bhangra community. We are still working on some visual improvements and such but are looking to fill it with some content before next week's official...
  12. Armaan

    BhangraLabs Launch Coming Soon
  13. Armaan

    My Life Is Bhangra LIVE STREAMING! Please click the link above to watch a live HD stream of My Life is Bhangra 2012!
  14. Armaan

    MLIB 2012 Official AFTER PARTY

    Come out to MLIB's Official After Party at the Park Plaza Boston March 24th! Doors open at 10pm, Get your tickets at the door, $20 CASH BAR ONLY GET READY TO RAGE
  15. Armaan

    My Life Is Bhangra - THIS WEEK!!!

    MY LIFE IS BHANGRA 2012 has almost arrived!!! This Saturday, March 24th, 10 teams will compete to take home a trophy! Get your tickets now to MLIB 2012 here: for more information!
  16. Armaan

    Song Help - NYPD Elite 8 Epicness

    Can someone please post the original song?? Harman :-D NYPD Bhangra Feat HarmanToor - Oh Piya Cup Aaj Jithna [DUBBED]
  17. Armaan

    Channo Love - ARMAANI REMIX

    For all the bollywood heads, made a House remix to the new item song Channo
  18. Armaan

    Northeastern Bhangra @ SAS 2012 Mixer Activities

    Had a good time at last night's mixer for South Asian Showdown 2012! Here is a video of one of the activities we had to do, battling other teams in an interactive Karaoke performance... Northeastern Bhangra SAS 2012 Mixer Karaoke
  19. Armaan

    * Northeastern Bhangra MIX RELEASE - South Asian Showdown 2012 *

    We are very excited to be performing tonight at the annual South Asian Showdown in Boston, MA! We are officially releasing our mix for tonight right now! Download it and get pumped for tonight! Tonights Lineup: 1...
  20. Armaan

    Northeastern Bhangra SAS 2012 Mix Snippet

    Incredibly excited to be competing at this year's South Asian Showdown at home in the city of Boston! Here is a snippet of our mix just for kicks: Northeastern Bhangra SAS 2012 Mix Snippet