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  1. Gurbir23

    Favourite songs to mellow out to

    Something you guys listen to to relax when you get home. Some of my favourites. If you're into that kind of music, the new jason mraz album is incredible, anything by michael buble and the frank ocean album is also up there. Ustad Zakir Hussain - Drut Teen Taal Fly Me To The Moon...
  2. Gurbir23

    NBA Fantasy League

    I was wondering if any of you guys were running a NBA fantasy league? I'd be interested if it was something like a 20 dollar buy in or if there's enough interest, I could organize one.
  3. Gurbir23

    Just bought a whistle baby

    NFL Replacement Refs Music Parody - Flo Rida "Whistle" - The NOC
  4. Gurbir23

    NBA Playoffs

    If a young OKC team can beat a thought to be unstoppable spurs team, who are still the unanimous favourites to win the championship, what makes you think they wouldn't be able to beat Miami?
  5. Gurbir23

    Zumba.... Bhangra?

    I immediately knew what song they were going to use before I even entered this thread. I loathe that god damn song now.
  6. Gurbir23


    I found this hilarious lol
  7. Gurbir23

    diablo 3 :D

    You, my friend, need to play SCII
  8. Gurbir23

    diablo 3 :D

    oh god yes
  9. Gurbir23

    NBA Playoffs

    who just caught the clips game.....FUCKING...RIDICULOUS!
  10. Gurbir23

    NBA Playoffs

    I almost cried when rose went down (but then cried tears of joy when Durant made that shot) but people seem to forget he missed half the season and the bulls still finished second in the east. With solid bench play, the bulls will give whoever they face in the second round a run for their money...
  11. Gurbir23

    What are your favourite mixes to listen to while driving?

    Steve Aoki feat Wynter Gordon - Ladi Dadi (Official Video) SKRILLEX - BANGARANG (FT. SIRAH) Benny Benassi - House Music (Coverart)
  12. Gurbir23

    What are your favourite mixes to listen to while driving?

    SRK, ive been jamming to everything you've posted...freakin sweet! Also, Steve Aokis wonderland album is where its at!
  13. Gurbir23

    Top 5 Singers at the moment

    John Legend Michael Buble Adele
  14. Gurbir23

    Racist girl from brampton

    Lol....charged, what the hell would you charge her with? 25 to life for a 187 on a sharpie, yo
  15. Gurbir23

    Punjabi kid from grand rapids asks kendall jenner to the prom

    Kendall Jenner, Prom with me? LOL at "swagged out from turban to toe"
  16. Gurbir23

    Possible Fantastic News

    The problem with cancer drugs is that they're all fine and dandy when testing on mice but when they get to the stage of human trials, they usually fail. Hopefully, this is different.
  17. Gurbir23

    How To Catch A Predator On PlayStation 3

    Sorry for ---breathes---talking so fast--breathes--he's invited me to a live chat---breathes----breathe deeply ...He needs to spend less time catching predators and more time hitting a damn treadmill
  18. Gurbir23

    Bhangra Nation's | BHANGRA ALL STARS

    Re: Bhangra Nation's: BHANGRA ALL STARS I really dig this show, awesome job guys!
  19. Gurbir23

    Reebok Commerical Gone .. Punjabi?

    Re: reebok comercial on a side note, those shoes are horrible
  20. Gurbir23

    Favourite superbowl commercial?

    M&M "Sexy and I Know It" Super Bowl Commercial 2012