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  1. Sukha

    Looking For Bhangra Judge for March 4th, 2017

    Any available judges, please message for more details! Thank you.
  2. Sukha

    Sardara - Jazzy B

    My bad thanks bro
  3. Sukha

    Sardara - Jazzy B

    Can someone please post Sardara by Jazzy B in high quality. Either the original or a dance-able remix (i.e dhol mix)
  4. Sukha

    Help: Tribute type track

    Saw a song on tv this past weekend the main line is "Bindrakhia de geetan varga tera har ek bol kureh" but can't find it anywhere... anyone know of this song?
  5. Sukha

    Garry Sandhu

    It's an unreleased track of his from what I know
  6. Sukha


    I don't even think "tenu saa charju" is the right phrase, shouldn't it be "tera saa charju" ?
  7. Sukha

    Aetbaar - The Dark MC/Miss Pooja feat. Angel

    Same production as Jawani 2.
  8. Sukha

    Gaddi - Deep Jandu ft Gangis Khan

    I'm surprised no one has posted this yet. Sick track. Enjoy!
  9. Sukha

    Top 5 punjabi songs ever to be made?

    Old School: Guddi Wangu - Jagmohan Kaur Thor Punjaban Di - Sardool Sikander Bangla - Romey Gill Majhe Diyeh Mohbatiyeh - Balkar Sidhu Londono Patola + Most Chamkila, Manak and Bindrakhia Songs Modern Giddhe Vich - Gurbhej Brar Boli Pauni - Soni Pabla Chitteh Suit Te - Geeta Zaildar Dil De De...
  10. Sukha

    Prabh Gill - Jawani Punjab Di - out soon

    This phenomena is basically what ruined the bhangra industry.
  11. Sukha

    Garry Sandhu - Teri Meri

    I don't get why this is tagged to Garry Sandhu everywhere :S
  12. Sukha

    Jatt & Juliet Full Album?

    Thanks a bunch!
  13. Sukha

    Jatt & Juliet Full Album?

    Anyone have the full album download for Jatt & Juliet
  14. Sukha

    Yaad Karke - Manjit Upplanwala (AMX production)

    Track goes hard Manjit Upplanwala Yaad Karke Ft Daku & MD PROMO Music Amx
  15. Sukha

    Ek tara dhol mix

    Made this for fun/ to jam to... very simple and basic but thought I'd share it
  16. Sukha

    Ek tara dhol mix
  17. Sukha

    Need YOUR Mix Done ?

  18. Sukha

    Ek tara dhol mix

    This is actually sick, could you re-make it? Like fix the little glitches and maybe master it? :)
  19. Sukha

    Birthday Party Performance - Toronto

    Aashke - Honey Singh & Money Aujla
  20. Sukha

    "Hold Up" sound effect

    Does anyone have that "Hold Up" sound effect? I think its from a song, its in pretty deep voice.