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  1. GSingh

    Week 5: Bracket A - Final Matchup (Voting Closed)

    I liked the mellowness of DJ1. A lot of melodic elements being thrown around and surprisingly most of them worked decently. DJ 2 had a cleaner sound for sure but the EQ hid the vocals behind a wall of bass, which definitely hurt the overall vibe for me. The dhol roll also felt a bit cheap --...
  2. GSingh

    Week 4: Bracket B - Matchup 3 (Voting Closed)

    DJ 1 had my favorite mix so far in the ladder. Def could be cleaner in execution but as far as ideas go, I loved the song selection. Dope idea to match pata chalgea with the horns. DJ 2 a lot of dissonance so made it hard to vibe to it.
  3. GSingh

    Week 4: Bracket B - Matchup 1 (Voting Closed)

    HP Is tough to mix cause the raag is not very common but good job to DJ 1 for making it work for the most part. DJ 2 I didn't much of the HP theme in the mix. Brampton grand intro was funny though
  4. GSingh

    Week 4: Bracket B - Matchup 2 (Voting Closed)

    DJ 2, but only because DJ 1 was kinda all over the place. DJ 2 could def use some more cleaning up and tightening of the sound.
  5. GSingh

    Week 4: Bracket A - Matchup 2 (Voting Closed)

    dj1 felt more professional. I wasnt a big fan of the vocal pitch in dj2. It works, but just preference at this point like everyone's said.
  6. GSingh

    Week 2: Bracket A - Matchup 8 (Voting Closed)

    DJ 2 hit the feels for me harder than DJ 1. Vote: DJ2
  7. GSingh

    Week 2: Bracket A - Matchup 7 (Voting Closed)

    Damn this was hard. DJ2's instrumental was a little busier than I would have liked considering the dhol was a lot slower. Vote: DJ1
  8. GSingh

    Week 2: Bracket A - Matchup 2 (Voting Closed)

    DJ 2 felt more tame and complete. Vote: DJ 2
  9. GSingh

    Week 2: Bracket A - Matchup 1 (Voting Closed)

    DJ 2 was more towards the vibe of a sad song. DJ 1, while creative, went way too ham with the beat and changed the 'sad' vibes. Vote: DJ2
  10. GSingh

    Week 2: Bracket B - Matchup 15 (Voting Closed)

    Vocals on DJ 2 were a little too low for my liking. Rest of the vibe was dope. Work on the rest of the levels so make sure everything has the right respective volume. Vote: DJ1
  11. GSingh

    Week 2: Bracket B - Matchup 14 (Voting Closed)

    I liked DJ 2's Intro but enjoyed DJ 1's instrumental. Vote: DJ 1
  12. GSingh

    Week 2: Bracket B - Matchup 13 (Voting Closed)

    DJ 1: Nice overall flow from song to song. I didn't hear any really offensive mistakes. DJ 2: Much louder and in your face mix. The vocals lacked dimension compared to the rest of the sounds. If you have a slap delay or some panned reverb tails, might have nicely complemented the atmospheric...
  13. GSingh

    Week 2: Bracket B - Matchup 12 (Voting Closed)

    DJ 1 was simpler and smoother. It had more focus. DJ 2 had some out of pitch elements -- mainly the piano. Vote: DJ1
  14. GSingh

    Week 2: Bracket B - Matchup 10 (Voting Closed)

    DJ 2 was a lil smoother. I did dig what DJ 1 was trying to do. Maybe some more thought would have pushed it over the edge. Vote: DJ2
  15. GSingh

    Week 2: Bracket B - Matchup 6 (Voting Closed)

    DJ 1: Chand Sifarish great choice for the mix but the execution came out not as pleasant. The guitar doesn't flow well with the humming and the beat from chand sifarish all that nicely. Feels forced. Can def figure out a way to end instead of just cutting off like the power went out. DJ 2...
  16. GSingh

    Week 2: Bracket B - Matchup 5 (Voting Closed)

    DJ 1: could've transitioned out of Ammy a little better. At one point the two vocals were right on top of each other so putting them in their own space would be nice. Some automated panning would help to make the samples dance together instead of fighting each other. Overall clean sound with...