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  1. Jattstar

    Craziest Shit you've ever seen

    Saw this topic on another forum so decided to bring it forth to you guys. So forum, what's the craziest shit you've ever seen? accidents, paranormal, unbelievable shit, personal stories/experiences. LETS DO THIS!
  2. Jattstar

    Grace v. Nakhre

    Intrigued by my veer Gurbir23's discussion about grace, I was curious if you had to choose between grace and nakhre, with all things being equal, which one would you choose. I understand that there is a deviance in definitions of the two words and they are not entirely exclusive of each other...
  3. Jattstar

    What's your workout routine?

    Gym fanatics, What is everyone's workout routine outside of Bhangra? The most prevalent questions to ask would be: [list type=decimal] What is your goal that you plan to achieve from your workouts? How many days do you workout in a week? How do you structure your workouts throughout the...
  4. Jattstar

    Tips for any future music comp?

    for any future comp organizers who want to make their comp unique compared to the dozens of other comps organized every month, i was wondering if it would be a good idea to have every registered team confined to a selected number of songs. now, i know it may sound tedious and boring to start...
  5. Jattstar

    No homo

    Pehchaan Apni Nachdi Jandi @ Bhangra Bash 2009 look @ the blue jori @ 6:02
  6. Jattstar

    Best Bhangra Move

    So recently there has been an influx of threads relating to "best of....". there's one for best performance, another for song, probably one for tatte. I am so sick and tired of all this bullshit. Following from that, what is your best bhangra move to bust out in a brown jam and/or on stage? ;D