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  1. Armaan

    Advice on hip "snapping"

    Sonny is the official BTF Doctor on call
  2. Armaan

    Professional teams leveraging collegiate resources (and vice versa)

    For the size of the original post, it's not really a strong argument. Whether you'd like to call it an alliance, or not... it's a smart move. Bhangra team members aren't treated like employees where you sign a non-compete, and neither are they treated like sports players where they can only be...
  3. Armaan

    Bhangra Theory @ Boston Bhangra 2018

    A huge thank you to the folks at Boston Bhangra for giving us the chance to compete for the very first time! As always, Rohit Bhambi and the rest of the BBC team threw another amazing competition. Congratulations to the placing teams NJFL, ABC, and BU! Below are our video and mix. Thank you to...
  4. Armaan

    NEW YORK CITY COED TEAM - Collecting Interest

    Hey everyone, I'm starting a new competitive COED bhangra team in New York City called "Bhangra Theory." Reaching out to connect with anyone interested. Would be great to get some comp experience in the spring so if you are interested or know anyone who is, please reach out to me directly via...
  5. Armaan

    KPGD @ Boston 2017....

    It's really interesting hearing what people had to say about this set. All around it seemed that people just jumped to the same conclusion about "why would they switch dancers in and out?" and "that's not bhangra." Bhangra and/or any other dance form does not need to be clearly defined. This...
  6. Armaan

    Unforgettable Superstar (Armani Remix)

    Made a mashup with Unforgettable by French Montana and Superstar by SukhE/Musical Doctorz/DivyaBhatt. Trying to put out some more tracks to close the summer out niiiice. Please share and like if you enjoy it!
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    Arabic Beat Name?

    I have this version of it: I'd recommend shazam'ing it. I know I have it somewhere I just don't have any idea what the name of it is.
  8. Armaan

    Boston Bhangra 2016 Results and Reviews

    Great point. Before this turns into a he said she said... Why don't we touch upon the core of this issue which some teams face whether you like it or not... Bhangra teams have dancers from all regions of South Asia, let alone the world. We all know teams that at some point didn't have any...
  9. Armaan

    "What happened to bhangra?"

    I agree with a bunch of points here but everyone is really good at pointing out what to change but no one ever addresses HOW to change it. It's not as easy as reading a list and saying, "Okay, do it!" Once again, to reiterate on the point I was making on the BBC thread... How can we help...
  10. Armaan

    Boston Bhangra 2016 Results and Reviews

    lol agreed, I have noticed it for a while. It's always been a part of the discussion, but will definitely say this is the first time it hit home for me at Boston Bhangra. I still used to leave BBC amped up every year. This year's performances had a much bigger piece missing. How do we...
  11. Armaan

    Boston Bhangra 2016 Results and Reviews

    Being my 8th time going to Boston Bhangra ( this was the first time I left this comp with the following question eating away at me: "What happened to the bhangra circuit?" To keep it short - this was the fist time I left BBC feeling unsatisfied. Hear me out. The BBC committee this...
  12. Armaan

    Big Apple Bhangra 5 Placings

    A big shout out to the BAB committee for organizing another smooth competition weekend from myself and the rest of the NEBC family. Congratulations to SMD, ASD, & UVA for placing! Quick feedback --> Mixer: Ton of fun. Games were great and did not drag on unnecessarily long. Venue was...
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    HELP!! Forgot the URL

    I think you're talking about the one here (no longer working though): check this thread for any hints at other clips...
  14. Armaan

    NYC Co-ed bhangra teams

    Moved back to NYC a while back and miss dancing :( Any co-ed teams here looking for dancers? Or are enough folks here interested in starting a co-ed team. Just saying... I'd be down, let me know!
  15. Armaan

    Huffington Post Feature

    Northeastern Bhangra - 1998 New England Bhangra Club - 2013
  16. Armaan

    ** NEBC Girls @ Boston Bhangra 2015 MIX **

    Hope ya digggggg it
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    Fire Missing From the Circuit

    This entire thread is amazing. Obviously many points have been mentioned year after year, but its felt as though the "community" aspect of of we had a few years back has dwindled. It's great to see this topic being passionately discussed. @shwinerz - I think the public score card idea you...
  18. Armaan

    Looking to buy a set of vaardiyan

    hey, someone just posted that they were selling a coed set that looks pretty good! here's the link:!/!
  19. Armaan

    How to muffle my dhol?

    so I used to put a regular old t-shirt on top of the treble side. you want to make sure its tight around it though so that you Tilli can still bounce a bit. If you still think its loud, you can add another t-shirt. Honestly same goes for the bass side... just use a sweatshirt!
  20. Armaan

    Bhangra Blowout XXII - LIVE STREAM via Periscope

    Hey everyone! In works with Bhangra Blowout, we are setting up multiple LIVE STREAMS of the show on PERISCOPE! If you don't have Periscope, just check it out at and download the app. You'll be able to find streams using the #bhangrablowout and also by looking for any of the...