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  1. Sukha

    Looking For Bhangra Judge for March 4th, 2017

    Any available judges, please message for more details! Thank you.
  2. Sukha

    Sardara - Jazzy B

    Can someone please post Sardara by Jazzy B in high quality. Either the original or a dance-able remix (i.e dhol mix)
  3. Sukha

    Help: Tribute type track

    Saw a song on tv this past weekend the main line is "Bindrakhia de geetan varga tera har ek bol kureh" but can't find it anywhere... anyone know of this song?
  4. Sukha

    Gaddi - Deep Jandu ft Gangis Khan

    I'm surprised no one has posted this yet. Sick track. Enjoy!
  5. Sukha

    Jatt & Juliet Full Album?

    Anyone have the full album download for Jatt & Juliet
  6. Sukha

    Yaad Karke - Manjit Upplanwala (AMX production)

    Track goes hard Manjit Upplanwala Yaad Karke Ft Daku & MD PROMO Music Amx
  7. Sukha

    "Hold Up" sound effect

    Does anyone have that "Hold Up" sound effect? I think its from a song, its in pretty deep voice.
  8. Sukha

    Birthday Party Performance - Toronto

    Just a quick set we put together in a day basically for a friends birthday. We're not a team, just a couple friends that dance together for fun and family gigs. Enjoy! :) BoyDem Bhangra Performance
  9. Sukha


    I've been looking hard for two reeeally old punjabi songs. The first has a main line that goes something like "Ni tu kareya jalebi joora, something something cha poora" I think. The second has a main line that goes "Nenan koor koor dekh di" If anyone has these songs you're a music collection...
  10. Sukha

    Asla - Gurpreet ft. Tigerstyle [Sick Track]

    ASLA - Gurpreet feat. TIGERSTYLE & Bunty Bains
  11. Sukha

    E3NA Launch + New Punjab

    E3UK is now launching its North American counterpart E3NA. The first track dropping from the label is produced by my man DJ KSR featuring Deep Jandu on the vocals. The track is FIRE! Be sure to keep an eye on E3NA for this track as well as a whole lot of other new material coming from them...
  12. Sukha

    Dhola Ve Dhola - Tich Button

    Does anyone have that tich button'ah di jodi song in good quality?
  13. Sukha


    Track is FIRE! Check it out! Genuine Soundz (GS) | PropheC - Zehar
  14. Sukha

    Song Request

    Anyone have that song that goes, jimmeh tich buttona di jodi ni teri meri ban geyi?
  15. Sukha

    New Bollywood Music

    Anyone know any good new bollywood songs, like songs to jam to not slow romantic songs lol.
  16. Sukha

    *Wedding Bhangra Performance - Toronto*

    Boy Dem Bhangra Performance we did for a friends cousins wedding. We are not a bhangra team or professional bhangra dancers, just got together for this family gig, just posting this for everyone to enjoy! I made the mix and routine on short notice. Just wanna shout-out BMW and NYU bhangra...
  17. Sukha

    "Leh Go" Effect request

    Does anyone have the "Leh Go" sound effect teams use a lot these days. SGPD used it in there idols mix near the end.
  18. Sukha

    ** Contact Info of Judges **

    Hey guys. I was just wondering if anyone had the contact info for some judges that are highly respected on the scene. One judge in particular is Pashi Malik. If someone could inbox me his info, and/or that of other judges I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks.
  19. Sukha

    She's baaaack...AGAIN!

    punjabi dance,Friend Nakodar.Lak 28 ਕੁੜੀ ਦਾ 47 weight ਕੁੜੀ ਦਾ 2
  20. Sukha

    Teri Meri - DSB

    Thought Id post this for all the DSB fans! Enjoy :)