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  1. GSingh

    Jatts Love California Vol. 1 - GSingh feat. Teg Hans

    If you enjoy west coast hip hop and punjabi bangers, this mix is for you. Pleasure working with @TegHans as always. Stay safe!
  2. GSingh

    Norcal Naujawan @ West Coast Bhangra 2019 MIX

    Hey everyone, below is Norcal's mix from this winter. Huge shoutouts to AjayDiamxnd and Teg Hans for helping bigly! Also a huge shoutout and congratulations to our matchup Gabroo Gulab Warge!
  3. GSingh

    Nachdi Jawani Diyan Mutiyaran @ Queen City Bhangra MIX

    Had a great time working with Gagan Virk and Harnan to bring their vision to life. Hope you all enjoy!
  4. GSingh

    *Full Video* FOLK. SOUNDZ feat. Ashok Prince - Suran Panjan Nu

    FOLK SOUNDZ feat. Ashok Prince in an originally written and composed folk romantic song. Music & lyrics: FOLK SOUNDZ Singer: Ashok Prince Video Direction & Color: LiteLens Video Editing: Gursimran Singh Check out the video below. Hope you all enjoy. Look for more original productions in the...
  5. GSingh

    *PROMO* FOLK. SOUNDZ feat. Ashok Prince - Suran Panjan Nu

    Hi everyone, Been busy this past year working on various new projects and I am proud to present the most exciting one of all. Folk Soundz feat. Ashok Prince in an originally written and composed folk romantic song. Music & lyrics: FOLK SOUNDZ Singer: Ashok Prince Video Direction & Color...
  6. GSingh

    ♪♫ VSB de Waris - Bit6 & Boston Bhangra Mix ♪♫

    Presenting VSB's mix for Bhangra in the 6ix and Boston 2017. The style is clearly folk so I hope you enjoy the vibes as much as I enjoyed making it.
  7. GSingh

    ♪♫ Norcal Naujawan @ Legacy of Bhangra 2017 MIX ♫♪

    Hello everyone, Below is Norcal's Legacy of Bhangra Mix from this year! Hope you enjoy :)
  8. GSingh

    Norcal Naujawan @ Legacy of Bhangra 2017

    Hi everyone, linked below is Norcal's performance from a week ago at Legacy of Bhangra in San Jose, CA. Please share your thoughts either in this thread or PM me! Any and all feedback is welcomed and appreciated. The mix will be released soon :) Congratulations to Soormay and the Vancity...
  9. GSingh

    NorCal Naujawan *WINTER SESSION* Competition Mix

    Hey BTF, Below is Norcal's Winter mix! We competed at: Legacy of Bhangra (2nd Place) Bhangra State of Mind (1st Place) Reign of Bhangra (Results Pending :o) West Coast Bhangra (Matchup Winner) Hope you enjoy and share :)
  10. GSingh

    NorCal Naujawan @ West Coast Bhangra 2017

    Hi everyone, We had a great time competing at West Coast Bhangra this year against Apni Sardari Apni Pehchan (ASAP!). We loved the matchup format that forced each team to think beyond just having a good Bhangra set. We've had quite the busy month hitting 3 competitions in 4 weeks: Legacy of...
  11. GSingh

    ♪♫ JVD @ Boston Bhangra 2016 MIX ♪♫

    Congratulations to Josh Valaithian Da for the first place performance this past weekend at Boston Bhangra! Apparently it's their last competitive performance ever so what a way to go out with a bang! I had the pleasure of making the mix for this performance and am honored & humbled to have...
  12. GSingh

    ♫♫ NorCal Naujawan @ Clutch City 2016 [MIX] ♫♫

    Hi BTF, Check out our mix for this past weekend's amazing competition. We really want to thank the Clutch City Committee for all they did and hopefully continue to do. Feedback and thoughts welcome as always.
  13. GSingh

    ♫♫ DCBC @ Motor City Bhangra 2016 MIX ♫♫

    Hey guys, Here's the mix for DCBC's MCB and Hilltop Hungama 2016 Performances!
  14. GSingh

    ♪♫ GSingh - Punjabi Robinhood Feat. Gurmeet Meet ♪♫ REMIX The Story of Dulla Bhatti as told by Dev Tharikewala, sung by Gurmeet Meet, re-envisioned by yours truly to give this track a more emphatic vibe that truly encompasses the larger than life character of the Robinhood of...
  15. GSingh

    Girls Vardiya Needed! (Bay Area, CA)

    Hi, If anyone is selling (Or renting) a set of 12 girls vardiya, please email me at or PM me here. Would prefer jodiya but willing to look at 1-color/2-color if the price is right. Thank you!
  16. GSingh

    ♫♪ DCBC @ ELITE 8 2015 MIX ♫♪

    Below is the mix for DCBC's performance at Elite 8 2015! I had a great time putting this together and I hope you enjoy. Shoutout to all the ladies for killing the stage and Ashita for having the patience to deal with me.
  17. GSingh

    Sonay Jawan Gabroo (SJSU) Fall Tryouts!

    Hi! Anyone interested in trying out for a hard working squad in the Bay Area, CA please visit the link below! We have many things planned for the fall and spring semester so come through on Thursday Sept 4th on top of the Event Center at San Jose State at 7 P.M. Feel free to PM or email for...
  18. GSingh

    Sonay Jawan Gabroo @ Notorious Bhangra III

    Sup guys! We just competed for the first time this past weekend at Notorious Bhangra and would like to thank everyone that made it possible! The committee did a great job organizing and getting the teams a great crowd to perform for. Shoutout to Sundeep our liaison for havin our backs throughout...