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  1. HansSingh

    Are there active Bhangra groups/teams in san francisco?

    Hi, I’m not sure if your intention is for fun or competitive but would love to have you over at one of our practices! You can private message me here, DM on Instagram @norcalnaujawan, or send us an email at -Hans
  2. HansSingh

    Differences in UK vs NA Circuits

    Going off of what @siddyp said, it’s true that simple safer sets are rewarded higher over messier complex sets. Which goes into what he said about the progression being about execution of good dancing, or what you referred to @harind_singh as “crazy Desi execution”. Which is interesting because...
  3. HansSingh

    Comoooonty Debate: Punjabi Top 3s

    Best 3 Current Singers (+/- 2 years): Sidhu Moosewala, JK, Ninja No Best 3 Current Songs? Location (Snappy), Jalandhar (Harp Farmer) , Dynamite (Ammy Virk) GOAT 3 Singers: Surjit Bindrakhia, Surjit Khan, Jazzy B Best 3 producers: Truskool, Harp Farmer, Byg Byrd
  4. HansSingh

    Nachdi Jawani Joshiley @ Circle City Bhangra 2018 (1ST PLACE)

    I’ve been waiting for an effect heavy NJ set for awhile. Choreo effects had formations that complemented them, color rotation was smart, and execution from 1-16 was really good 5:50-6:06 was ?
  5. HansSingh

    Bhangra Blowout 23 Predictions

    1. CMU 2. Buckeye 3. Bruin/DRP
  6. HansSingh

    ♫♫ DCBC @ Motor City Bhangra 2016 MIX ♫♫

    Been looking forward to this since last years mix! Fire mix G!
  7. HansSingh

    2014-2015 Bhangra season recap: Your opinions

    1. Which routine was your favourite? Virsa at Sunset, more folk and less gimmicky. All the dancers executed strong and jhoomer was fire 2. Which competition were you most excited about? Bruin Bhangra 3. If you could choose one team that you think did the best overall this season, which team...
  8. HansSingh

    Golden State Bhangra @ Notorious Bhangra 3 - GTV

    Hey guys! This was our first time competing and we'd love some feedback on our performance! Last year we came as exhibition and just like last year the comp was well organized and ran smoothly, shoutout to the NB3 committee on another successful year! For a majority of the team being under 18...
  9. HansSingh

    Is Nachda Punjab Happening This Year?

    What I heard from a lot of people is that it's not happening this year...and it will be held next year in SF. :(
  10. HansSingh

    Notorious Bhangra II Official Line Up!

    Gonna be a sick weekend ;)
  11. HansSingh

    Golden State Bhangra- ISA Culture Show 2013

    Hey guys! [/size] [/size]This is Golden State Bhangra's first performance and would love some feedback. Congrats to the ISA committee for a successful show. Shoutout to the bro Aman for tying paggan and BK for letting us use kahton [/size]
  12. HansSingh

    New team starting in the bay!!

    Lmao I'm not leavin nsg.. I just wanted to start this team out with my boys
  13. HansSingh

    New team starting in the bay!!

    I didn't even know there was a GJ on the east coast! We're from northern Cali brah
  14. HansSingh

    New team starting in the bay!!

    What's goin on guys, me and a few friends have been dancing together for 3 years now and we've decided to start a competitive team. We're all 16-18. Some guys are from Fremont and some from south San Jose. We got about six guys and already have 2 gigs in the next two months. Our name is Gajdi...
  15. HansSingh

    Nachde Shokeen Gabroo @Notorious Bhangra 2012

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. Had an amazing time dancing with NSG. I know we're gonna go far
  16. HansSingh

    End of Season review: 2011-12

    Best Coed Team - CalBest All Guys Team - SGPD Best US Team - BKBest Canadian Team - SGPDMost Improved - CalBest Competition to perform in - Elite or BruinBest Competition to watch - BruinBest Set - NYPD at EliteBest Gimmick - Empire - Flying DholiBest Team - SGPDWeirdest Gimmick - Tag Avengers...