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    Spanish help

    I know this is BTF and all Is anyone really good at spanish, who would like to lend a helping hand in Spanish? It will be much appreciated if yall could :) Tanks
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    What month is better for a competition?

    Any feedback or preferences would be highly appreciated.
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    VPD placings

    1. UNC 2. FAUJ 3. CMU
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    The Cutest Kolaveri Di

    The original Kolaveri Di is still catchy. This one is by far the cutest one though! Props to Gurvir for finding this :) KOLAVERI DI - KID VERSION!
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    Virsa Punjab Da

    Show your support by liking VPD's Facebook page! For all of y'all who didn't know, VPD donates all of it's profits from the show to Nikham Seva. Nikham Seva provides educational and medical support to...
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    This guy is real.

    Rant worth listening too.mp4
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    BAB Superlatives

    So Supreet, Disha, and I were talking about BAB weekend and we basically gave people Superlatives. If you have any you'd like to add feel free too. :) Most Valued Person: Pinder Singh <3 Most Courageous: Navjot Singh Parhar Rent-a-cop-of the year: Sargam Sethi WARNING! Best 'Nap': Jaspreet...
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    Virsa: Our Tradition @ Bayside Bhangra

    Putting this video back up as per request of Virsa. If you have any questions, concerns, complaints, or comments -- talk to them <3 Virsa: Our Tradition Bayside Bhangra 2011
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    Jus Reign Vid.

    The Ten Dollar CONFUSION THIS DUDE: Gora Speaking in Punjabi About Punjabi
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    On behalf of SSNY (Sadi Sheran Naal Yaari), Please do not post up our video from our 2nd Place performance at the JC Mela on 5/28/2011. If you have our video please email it to : or feel free to PM Varun (btf username: varunlovestofolk) or Sabi (btf username: tajinder)...
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    JC Mela Placings 2011

    1. Terrapind 2. SSNY Congrats to both teams :) Special Congrats to my bro Sabi ;)
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    Jashan 2011 Placings

    Give Robbie (Choochoo33) Credit for these :) Best Dressed: Surrey Folk Punjabi Spirit: Kauran di Taur 1st Place: Shan e Punjab 2nd Place: Bhangra Empire 3rd Place: BC Cultural Congrats to all placing teams :)
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    Royal Wedding

    How many of ya'll got up to see the Royal Wedding? Some things I would like to point out that were precious to me! - The Cars are baller, I mean it is the Prince's wedding! - The Prince <3 - The Dress was flawless, very classy and elegant - Everything was simple yet classy - He mouthed...
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    USC Placings?

    Any word of the USC placings?
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    Hoju Panga

    ok i just reposted the same vid. FML Can ya'll delete this please.. haha
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    Your Opinion

    If you could change one thing in the Bhangra Circuit, what would it be?
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    Maninder Shinda and Surinder Shinda Song Request

    The Shinda Duet (2ND PROMO) - HIGHFLYERS feat. Surinder Shinda & Maninder Shinda Does anyone have the full song to this,I saw this topic below but, I don't feel the need to download the whole album. So if anyone just has that one song it will be highly appreciated :)...
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    Hope you don't dance at a house party like this...

    drunk punjabi dancing
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    Daler Mehndi :)

    My Co-worker showed me this video as soon as he found out I was punjabi... :) I thought it was worthy of sharing Tunak Tunak Tun Wedding Dance
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    Best Performances of 2010

    Since 2010 is officially over, lets hear what BTF has to say about their favorite performances were from last year. If You could award a team according to this criteria as if this was a BTF Award's Night of 2010, who would you choose? Overall Best Performance: Most Creativity: Best...