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  1. amanatwalmart

    Sheikh - Karan Aujla - DoubleA Remix

    Check it out and lmk what you all think ?
  2. amanatwalmart

    Mix Feedback

    My first real attempt at production work, still learning so any and all feedback is greatly appreciated Thanks!
  3. amanatwalmart

    Mix Feedback

    After listening to feedback and learning ways to make my mixes sound better I made this. Is there anything else I should learn or perfect to get better? Thanks!
  4. amanatwalmart

    Student Visa - DoubleA All feedback appreciated!
  5. amanatwalmart

    Song Help!!

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anybody has the original boli for this mix at 0:41, Thanks in advance
  6. amanatwalmart

    Learning How to Mix, Looking for Feedback

    I've just started learning how to make mixes and was looking for feedback from the community. I've linked some of my mixes below.