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  1. Cherag

    Coronavirus Affecting our Global Circuit ??

    Dear Bhangra Lovers, As it pertains to our Global Circuit from a dance perspective, I want to say thank you to competitions for making tough decisions to postpone/cancel competitions. These are tough times for us all when it pertains to the passion for this Folk Art, and dancers in other...
  2. Cherag

    ★★★★★ FAUJ @ Bruin Bhangra 2019 ★★★★★

    Hey BTF, A little late but nevertheless needed to make the post! Bruin Bhangra 2019 was an amazing experience. LA, thank you for the amazing crowd. Definitely a set we had fun making and we hope you had as much fun watching! Thank you to the judges for the 1st Place and Best Vardi award, our...
  3. Cherag

    FAUJ @ Bruin Bhangra 2018

    Here’s our video from Bruin Bhangra 2018. Congratulations to Bruin for 20 years of success! Thanks to Saira & Guransh for throwing a fantastic competition & our liaison Simran for being great help. Congrats to all of the placing teams. (Gimmick angle)
  4. Cherag

    ★★★★★ FAUJ Bhangra Tryouts ★★★★★

    The Bhangra Army of Boston is holding tryouts! We are looking to recruit new faces for FAUJ. We are looking for passionate, able-bodied, young men who want to dance and join us on our journey to greatness. If you are dedicated, motivated to excel, and believe yourself capable to thrive in the...
  5. Cherag

    ★★★★★ FAUJ @ Big 10 Bhangra Competition 2017 ★★★★★

    We want to thank everyone who organized the competition. We had an amazing time. Special shout out to our liaisons Waris Shah Khanna & Japji Kaur Bindra for helping out the entire weekend to make our lives easy! Big shoutout to Riya Gupta & Abhishek Goel for going above and beyond in catering...
  6. Cherag

    ★★★★★ FAUJ Announcement ★★★★★

    FAUJ started competing 4 years ago in 2011. Our purpose was to represent Boston at bhangra competitions and leave our mark on the circuit. In the last 4 years, we've competed at 16 of the biggest competitions across the continent. Our memories of these competitions is not only limited to the...
  7. Cherag

    ★★★★★ FAUJ @ Boston Bhangra Competition 2014 ★★★★★

    We would like to thank everyone who came out to support us at BBC this year - this performance was for all of you! And a special shoutout to Anisha for being an amazing liason. FAUJ @ Boston Bhangra Competition 2014 Jodis - Red: Cherag Selhi & Vipul Chawla Blue: Deep Deb & Ankit Sood...
  8. Cherag

    ★★★ FAUJ @ Bhangra at the Bell 2014 ★★★

    We want to thank everyone who organized the competition. We had an amazing time. Special shout out to our liaison Jackie for helping out the entire weekend and also to Mo and Gurjaap and Karishma. Thanks to UConn and Princeton for the Paggs and Phumman, SMD for the cones, and FCB for the Saap...
  9. Cherag

    F★A★U★J at World's Best Bhangra Crew 2013

    We would like to congratulate all the teams that performed and all the teams that placed at World's Best Bhangra Crew 2013. This competition for the most part ran smoothly and I am sure the reviews have already covered the area for improvement. It took a lot of people to make this competition...
  10. Cherag

    F★A★U★J at Bhangra at the Bell 2013 (1st Place)

    A little over a month ago, FAUJ competed and won Bhangra At The Bell 2013. We had an amazing time in Philadelphia and wanted to take a moment and thank the Bhangra At The Bell committee for their hospitality and hard-work. They know how to take care of a team, and provide whatsoever is needed...
  11. Cherag

    What Matters in a Bhangra Performance

    There is a lot of talk on how teams should be judged and what performances are the "best". It all comes down to synchronization and dancing presence, and who can do both of them at the same time, and that too better than everyone else. I personally watch a lot of stand up comedy, and it's nice...
  12. Cherag

    Things about gigs that you like/don't like

    After doing a bunch of gigs recently I was discussing things that are awesome about gigs with my guys, like how you can try things out with a mix and have a lot of fun with Nakhra to random aunties 8). But then we were talking about negatives, one thing that sucks when doing a gig is not being...
  13. Cherag


    I was going thru and watching a bunch of old videos. Never mentioned it before because I forgot to, but it's something that caught my eye. Just funny that's all :) Sochna Kya Jo Bhi Hoga - Ghayal (1990) And Kaoma - The Lambada ORIGINAL Music Video Clip (Llorando Se Fue) 1989 OFFICIAL And...
  14. Cherag

    Classic Video

    Many posts have been made such as this one before, but I was going through old videos, and found some that really inspired me to dance. What are some of your favorite vids from the past? Here's the one I came by (TRB BOB 2006): Three Rivers Bhangra @ BOB 2006
  15. Cherag

    More of Indian Jacking of Choreo haha

    bhangra practice.mp4 Here u go Empire lol
  16. Cherag

    Bhangra Empire at Elite 8

    I don't know if this has been posted already, but I found it online....enjoy Moderator's note: Video removed as per team request.
  17. Cherag

    Boogie Woogie

    Hey guys just had a question, I have auditions for Boogie Woogie coming up and I really wanted to know what kind of dance to do, and my main question was on if I should or should not include a 30 second maybe jhoomer segment. What do ya think?
  18. Cherag

    Empire State of Punjab
  19. Cherag

    APD at Boston Bhangra if APD want to take it down go for it, but it was posted by someone from APD, so I hope it's ok...
  20. Cherag

    Does this intro and outro seem familiar?

    idk if this has been put up yet.... but I thought it was pretty