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  1. faizan

    Differences in UK vs NA Circuits

    Yo harind, thanks for posting all those videos. All the good ones in one place! Very useful for the old timers.
  2. faizan

    Do we need comps like WBBC and Elite 8 Invitational?

    The entire point of WBBC was to foster the growth of the UK, AUS and international Bhangra scene in general. This thread is proof that it worked. giving international teams a platform in the USA, which used to be the center of competitive Bhangra for a decade or more, was critical for the...
  3. faizan

    Shaan Punjab Dee at Bruin Bhangra XX 2018

    What a great set. Balanced. Reminded me a lot of the good old days in the circuit. Keep doing what you are doing. This type of nakhra, originality and natural execution is becoming rare.
  4. faizan

    2017-2018 Competitive Season Review

    SPD, FCB and Soormay were my favorite teams this year.
  5. faizan

    Punjabi Folk Dance Dundas

    this is amazing. love the slowed down beat. dandaas are have been a part of south asian folk dancing for a long time, i'm glad you were able to showcase that.
  6. faizan

    Bhangra Nationals System Idea (Proposal)

    i support the spirit of this idea. there needs to be some regulation to this circuit. the free-wheeling, market run economy has lead to where we are today. Create a league.
  7. faizan

    Weird Old Professor Guy Talking Dhol Schmol

    excellent presentation, learned a lot. keep it up. thanks.
  8. faizan

    KPGD @ Boston 2017....

    bhangra is not historically a celebration of anything (until recently). it's an amalgamation of folk dances from northern india. bhangra as a concept did not exist until about 70 years ago. Everything you know about "bhangra" happened recently. Now if you want to talk about...
  9. faizan

    Boston Bhangra Predictions!!

    Khirre Phul Gulab De (Morrisville, NC)
  10. faizan

    Post competition bashing

  11. faizan

    Post competition bashing

    Brad, if only you had been around for, 2009-2012.
  12. faizan

    Post competition bashing

    Teams whinning after a loss at a Toronto comp? Never seen that before...
  13. faizan

    Bhangra in the 6ix Predictions

  14. faizan

    Bhangra Hubs of North America?

    The original Hubs from like 2003-2008 were: Surrey/Vancouver Boston Queens New Brunswick Nor Cal DMV Detroit Toronto/Brampton Los Angeles
  15. faizan

    What is the best jhoomar of all time?

    baba phokar singh all the way
  16. faizan

    History of UK Competitive Bhangra Scene

    Include a section on world's best bhangra crew!
  17. faizan

    Bruin bhangra 2017 predictions?

    NSG/MOB-AUS first place