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  1. Sid

    CMU Bhangra @ Bhangra Blowout 2015 Mix Release

    Hey everyone, HUGE shoutout and thanks to Ram and Amar for making the dope ass mix. (Check out their other stuff at Hope you all enjoy! Looking forward to hearing all your thoughts...
  2. Sid

    [VIDEO & MIX RELEASE] CMU Bhangra @ Bhangra Blowout 2015 **Third Place**

    Sup everyone, Mix: We finally got around to releasing our video from Blowout this year. Pretty emotional since it's my last competition as captain of CMU Bhangra (same goes for my...
  3. Sid

    Elite 8 Competition Review - CMU Bhangra

    I don't usually like to post on BTF / do comp reviews, but I read a thread a while back where some of the older circuit folk were attributing the decline of the circuit and BTF to the lack of involvement by younger/newer members such as myself. I definitely agree with this, so I'll try and...
  4. Sid

    CMU Bhangra @ Elite 8 - [PLEASE DO NOT POST]

    If you have a vid, please don't post it publicly. PM me instead. Cheers
  5. Sid

    CMU Bhangra @ Bhangra Fever - DO NOT POST

    If you have a video of our performance from this weekend, please don't post or share publicly. I'd really appreciate it if you sent it to me. Any video angle is helpful in cleaning and perfecting exucution. ~ Sid
  6. Sid

    CMU Bhangra - BIB (Burgh) & BBC (Boston) Performances [VIDEOS]

    Below are videos from our performance at Boston Bhangra Competition 2014 & Bhangra In the Burgh 2014. We all really had a great time at Boston. Huge thanks to Rohit for putting in so much time and heart into this competition, year after year. Shoutout to Saatvik and Shivani for helping us out...
  7. Sid

    CMU Bhangra @ BBC 2014 - DO NOT POST

    Please do not publicly share any videos you have of us. Please send them to us privately so we may share all of them at once. We will be posting the videos from this weekend in Boston and from Bhangra in the Burgh in the next couple days. ~ Sid