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    VIBC Review and Shoutouts

    PCAC and SFBC are two different teams. and SFBC did perform as an exhibition act.
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    Vibc results

    Charanjit Saini Rupinder Sharma not sure bout the others.. feel free to correct me if im wrong :)
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    Mera Sohna Punjab- Pappi Gill

    PCAC AT 3:07 :)
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    warrior resultss

    abc :)
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    Jashan Results

    HAHAH ! :)
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    Jashan Results

    NO ABC :O
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    Jashan 2010 Updated Line-up!!

    I GUESS NOT :(
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    Folkal attraction - rangla punjab

    i think it was falling off.
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    PCBCA: Rangla Punjab Scores

    im pretty sure rupee didnt make it
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    Rangla Punjab Updatess?

    it didnt start at 5:30 :S we left the hotel at 5:50 ish and it hadnt started yet :S:S
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    really cute dance!!!

    OMG ! he is sooo cute <3
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    Rangla Punjab

    PCAC 8)
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    IPFF results

    PCAC <3
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    ipff girls category poll

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    American ice dancers skating to Indian Bollywood songs

    that was amazing :)