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    Jhoomar (The Beautiful Mist) | Full Song | Gurman Birdi Ft. Jasraj Lailna

    Absolutely love this song, but my Punjabi is...bad. Are lyrics and/or translation available anywhere? 😅
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    How to muffle my dhol?

    How did you attach it? I was thinking a big elastic band if I can find one that size.
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    Suggestions for Improvement?

    I'm in the exact same boat as you!! I started making mixes for my team in Audacity, then moved on to Adobe Audition (which I still use a bit), then I tried Acid but I couldn't find enough documentation or tutorials so I gave up, and now I use Presonus Studio One which I like so far. I'm just...
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    How to muffle my dhol?

    Hey all, I recently got a dhol and I'm trying to learn how to play it, but I live in an apartment building and obviously the dhol is very loud. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can dampen or muffle the sound so I can practice without disturbing everyone around me? Also, i'm going to be...
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    Best new punjabi music of 2014?

    Hey all, Doing the annual holiday update of my iTunes, and want to make sure I'm not missing anything. Let me know, what were your favourite punjabi songs/albums/artists from this year? Heck, if you discovered some awesome new Punjabi music this year, even if it isn't new, let me know that too...
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    Mast - Kanwar Grewal

    Oooh I'm diggin it. What software did you use to make this by the way?
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    What software do you use to mix music?

    Hey all, I'm looking for some software recommendations (for Windows) for mixing music for bhangra mixes. I've been using Audacity up until now, which is alright, but I'm looking for something better. Something with useful features like beat mapping, individual track history, stuff like that...
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    Need help tuning dhol w/ two synthetic skins

    By "stretched" to you mean the second picture? Because that's the one I've been using as tilli. It still doesn't really sound right...but I'll keep fine-tuning it. Thanks for the help!
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    Need help tuning dhol w/ two synthetic skins

    Yo I'm subbed to you on youtube! Huge fan, love your dhol covers! Literally have some of them on my phone. Haha this is awesome. Okay so I took off the heads to check, and the thickness is the same on both sides of the barrel. It's a straight dhol so I can't really tell if one side is closer...
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    Need help tuning dhol w/ two synthetic skins

    Hi everyone, First time posting, hope this is the right place. After years of wanting one, a friend of mine gave me an old dhol. It's not in great shape and I need help tuning it. It's got GBC 7mm synthetic heads on both sides (so no goatskin) and I can't tell which side is the dagga and which...