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  1. vuongptnguyen

    Black Lives Matter Fundraiser

    Hey BTF! In an effort to stand against systemic racism and white supremacy, over 60 Bhangra organizations across the circuit are selling these shirts to support the Black Lives Matter movement. All proceeds will be evenly distributed among the Center for Black Equity, Live Free, Equal Justice...
  2. vuongptnguyen

    Live Dhol and Bhangra - Ustad Lal Singh Bhatti and L.A. Folk Arts Club

    Hi BTF! We're honored to announce that Los Angeles Folk Arts Club (LAFAC) will be putting on a workshop and performance with Ustaad Lal Singh Bhatti on February 26th in Claremont, CA! Event details: - Workshop @ 1:30 PM: Get up close and personal with the guest artists to learn Punjabi folk...
  3. vuongptnguyen

    Folk Dance Dandas - Story, origin?

    Hi BTF, At Buckeye Mela this past weekend, Rutgers University (RU) Bhangra had a segment of Dandas, which sparked my curiosity to learn more about the folk form. I have come across a few live and music performances of Dandas (links below) and tried to reach out my mentors to ask about it...