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    Poune Atth - Ranjit Bawa - Desi Crew

    Listen to Poune Atth - Ranjit Bawa - Desi Crew by Somi Biring #np on #SoundCloud
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    Sarbjit Cheema - Sohni -Beat Minister

    Listen to Sohni - Sarbjit Cheema - Beat Minister by Somi Biring #np on #SoundCloud
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    Thori Thori - Raj Bains - PBN DOWNLOAD

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    Ammy Virk returns once again for his brand new single 'Surma To Sandle' - The single is set to release soon worldwide via T-Series Music! 'Surma To Sandle' is Ammy Virk's first official release since the song 'Taara' almost 4 months ago. The song was also produced by B Praak and written by...
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    Collaborations 3 Sukhshinder Shinda ALBUM DOWNLOAD

    Enjoy! (Copy and paste link)
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    Miss Pooja - Pardhangi SINGLE DOWNLOAD

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    Ikk Hor Mr Pendu (Roshan Prince) SINGLE DOWNLOAD

    Roshan Prince Killed It Again! Enjoy!
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    Jay Status And DJ Sanj - Dil Cherdi DOWNLOAD

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    Highflyers - Born Desi NEW ALBUM DOWNLOAD

    Enjoy! 1. Highflyers - The Manak Tribute (feat. Pargat Khan) 2. Highflyers - Aaja Hun (feat. Jaswant Heera) 3. Highflyers - Ki Lehna (feat. Billa Ferozepuria) 4. Highflyers - Shera Varge (feat. Kaka Bhainiawala) 5...
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    Manjit Pappu & Dj Vix - My Turn ALBUM DOWNLOAD 1. Manjit Pappu & Dj Vix - Dj Te 2. Manjit Pappu & Dj Vix - Churian 3. Manjit Pappu & Dj Vix - Lakk Tera 4. Manjit Pappu & Dj Vix - Gabru Punjab De 5. Manjit Pappu & Dj Vix - Kach Deh Samaan 6. Manjit Pappu & Dj Vix - Dil Cho...
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    Punjabi Rapper Deep Cold passes away

    Punjabi Rapper Deep Cold passed away on March 5th in India. Deep Cold was a Punjabi rapper who hailed from Houston, Texas. Having been on the scene for a number of years, Deep Cold came to major attention in 2010 when his popular underground hit 'Dekhlo Punjabi Munday' was the lead single for...
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    Manj Musik Album - Manj (2014) ALBUM DOWNLOAD Manj lead vocalist of RDB has split with the group and is pursuing his own solo career! He start off by releasing brand new album featuring all new material... 01. Khuda (feat. Kuly Ral) - Manj 02. Chotan Ishq Diyan (feat. Bakshi Billa) - Manj 03...
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    PBN & Raj Bains – Phatte Chuk Di DOWNLOAD

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    Teaser | Akh Teri | Girlfriend | Babbal Rai | MOFOLACTIC

    Sounds tight!!! Teaser | Akh Teri | Girlfriend | Babbal Rai | Full Song Coming Soon