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  1. RsKderpu

    DJ Scam Warning: DJ JsM (Jasjeet Matharu)

    LOL this is more entertaining than the dramas my mom watches on ZeeTV
  2. RsKderpu

    First Class Bhangra @ Buckeye Mela 9! [First Place]

    Most of the main points that came to mind were already stated above. The set was definitely one of the cleanest I've seen from FCB. With that being said, I would appreciate it if FCB would request the use of my remix "Zindabaad Yaariyan" before using it in their set. Once again, congrats.
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    I back this thread. Im not saying that the competition will or will not happen, but the "committee" had recently contacted a friend of mine asking for assistance in finding a venue. I hope everything works out for the teams.
  4. RsKderpu

    Declaration of Bhangra 2016

    Solid line up. Looking forward to watching SMD and SCB 8) Also, Can we get details on the venue for show and after-party (Name of Venue, Address, etc).
  5. RsKderpu

    Why are these guys reporting Soundcloud accounts?

    I put up a mix of the song "Zindabaad Yaarian" yesterday and it got reported already -_- Whoever is doing this, you are a velha as hell.
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    Burgh Placings

    Bhangra In The Burgh Placements: 1- NJ 2- FCB 3- SMD
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    Proper Betka Technique

    I highly recommend doing it in a manner in which your Meniscus does not tear. I say this from personal experience lol
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    Tarey Panj Daryavan De at richmond comp 2nd place video

    First of all, congratulations on placing second. It was well deserved, although there are some key points that could be of some help for your future endeavors. Some pointers : 1- Energy levels were inconsistent - Try to keep energy levels consistent so the dancing style looks similar across...
  9. RsKderpu

    AMJ Proudly Presents Declaration of Bhangra

    BATB's replacement....this is going to be interesting. Good luck to the committee.
  10. RsKderpu

    SGPD @ Windy City Bhangra - 1st Place

    Too much running around in the saap segment for my liking. One or two dancers went off beat here and there (example: yellow dancer during daang). If you'd like a detailed critiquing, let me know. Mix was good, random "hoi's" were annoying as hell though. Anyways, congratulations on the 1st...
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    Pagg Malfunction Issue at Bhangra Blowout 2015 [From Shoutbox]

    Yes I know, thank you John Madden. It's still disrespectful.
  12. RsKderpu

    Pagg Malfunction Issue at Bhangra Blowout 2015 [From Shoutbox]

    A pagh falling off or being disrespected in an unintentional manner has happened before, and WILL happen again, whether its tomorrow or two years from now. This does not mean you bash the team for its mistakes. The best way to handle/resolve this is for the team (or dancer whose pagh fell...
  13. RsKderpu

    *** MASTER LIST- List of DJs to hire for mixes ***

    Ricky Singh. RsK Productions I've been mxing for a while now, mostly songs. I haven't made any team mixes yet, would love to though. Here is my soundcloud account : Contact via BTF or email :
  14. RsKderpu

    Jatt Anthem - Remix

    Drop a comment, let me know what you think!
  15. RsKderpu

    mixtape roundup?
  16. RsKderpu

    mixtape roundup?

    Might be a good idea to find yourself a different, more unique name because Prodigy has been around for a while and is very well known :
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    UMD Terrapind Bhangra @ Boiler Bhangra 2015

    Pehli vari akal ali gal kithee. The energy through the set was very consistent, which didn't justify the major drops in the mix such as saaps/daang drops. Also seemed like there was repetition of choreo throughout the set. Focus on energy, execution will come with practice. Side note: No...
  18. RsKderpu

    Ankhile Coed at TBC 2014 and WBBC 2015 (Matchup winners / 3rd Place)

    This mix is straight fire. The choreo/execution justified this mix 100%. Props to whoever made you mix, as well as the team for killing it.\ Not to take credit away from the rest of the team but Red Jodhi was having too much fun with the jhummer haha. Its great being able to see a dancers...
  19. RsKderpu

    NA vs UK

    +1, Thats true and it's sad.
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    Ministry of Bhangra (MOB) Chicago at WBBC 2015

    I would like to start by saying that Ministry of Bhangra has come a LONG way. From cleanliness to formations, this teams execution has improved tremendously over the past few years. Here are some minor critiques: Formations: @ 1:14 - 2 lines didn't hit - Green jodhi girl was out of line @...