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  1. Bharathi

    Jawani Comes to an End

    Hello fellow bhangra lovers, for those of you who don't know, this Sunday Jawani competed in our last competition ever. We had humble beginning in 2004 so after a 10 year run we decided it was time to wrap it up. In that time frame, we had many highs and lows but nothing compares to young...
  2. Bharathi

    Jawani Bhangra @ Sin City 2013 - Please Don't Post!

    If you do have a video I'd love to see it It was great to see old friends and meet new people, thanks to the committee for having us!
  3. Bharathi

    Jawani Bhangra Tryouts

    Hi Friends, Happy New Year! Jawani Bhangra is proud to announce tryouts for our ALL GIRLS TEAM on Monday Jan 14th at 7 pm at SFU in Burnaby. Experience is not necessary but dedication, commitment, and a willingness to learn is. Please pm me, email me at or hit me up...
  4. Bharathi

    Jawani Bhangra @ Jashan 2012 - PLS DO NOT POST!

    Hello friends Please don't post our video from Jashan 2012, if you have it please email it to me directly at or Thanks :)
  5. Bharathi

    Jawani Bhangra Tryouts!!!

    Hello Everyone, Jawani Bhangra is proud to host tryouts this Sunday August 7th at 7 pm at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby. We are looking for dedicated FEMALE dancers for our ALL GIRLS TEAM who have an open mind to learning and developing as a group. Please feel free to email me...
  6. Bharathi

    Jawani Bhangra at Bhangra Idols 2010 Video Request

    Hi Friends, If anyone has Jawani Bhangra's video from Bhangra Idols 2010 and is willing to send it, please PM me or email me at Please please please do not post it on BTF as we are competing again shortly. Thanks so much!
  7. Bharathi

    Jawani Bhangra Tryouts

    Hi All! Jawani Bhangra is pleased to announce tryouts on Sunday January 10th 2010 at Mr. Sub at SFU. We are looking for dedicated female dancers above the age of 18 who will not only be committed to practice times but will be able to travel for competitions and special performances. Dance...
  8. Bharathi


    NDBhangra87...can you check your private messages please? VERY IMPORTANT you check and get back to me =D
  9. Bharathi

    Bhangra Bash Judging

    On behalf of Jawani Bhangra I just want to thank our team liaisons and UW's ISA volunteers! You guys did a great job and took good care of us accommodating our requests on time and effectively before the competition. The show was technically well run, on time, and we were at a great hotel with...