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    Best speeches from the circuit?

    Bali Paji from Nachdi
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    Bhangra Empire will NOT be performing at Elite 8 2012

    Empire is SICK. I've shown Empire videos to people who dont know anything about bhangra and the only thing they say is THATS NUTS.
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    Songs during seating of a show

    some old school trackss like apna punjab - gurdas mann or some bhindrakhia too
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    Barcelona wins 2-1 my predictionnn
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    Royal Wedding

    all i can say is that i was never able to say id fuck the queen becasue shes like 90 but soon that will change when kate takes over
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    NHL Playoffs Thread

    Whatss up with VanCITY ?? If hawks win on sunday they WILL win game 7.
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    NORCAL-Disappointment/Shady Comp

    I give props to Bulldog. There sickk with thiss transportation stuff! They picked us up from San Jose and took us to Fresno! then when the comp was over they got us rentals so we could drive backk to San Jose. they need to bring that compp backk
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    NHL Playoffs Thread

    HOW ABOUT THE SHARKSSSS!!! I went to bed when LA was up 4-1 and woke up to 6-5 win for SHARKSS. IMPRESSSIVE
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    UEFA Champions League

    4-3 agg for barca !! brother you are mad nice to real madrid...last time they played they got spanked 5-0.. but this month they play 4 times. twice in the uefa once in the liga and i think in the copa as welll should be VERY intense!
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    NHL Playoffs Thread

    fuck all the predictions..who saw orpiks hit on stamkos??? NASTYYYYY
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    UEFA Champions League

    Barcelona Vs Manchester Utd Final ... Barcelona wins 3-1
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    why babbu mann? why?

    LOL this songs jokes
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    A concern to our Sikh community

    Lately, I've been thinking about how are Sikh community has changed so much. Instead of following our religion, we have started to follow more of our culture. I feel like all the youth now a days are just on the drinking tip and smoking scene. Why? Like i dont get it. I see people in my...
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    besides SGPD, i dun understand what routine some of these judges were watching. these scores are whack
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    Elite 8 Mixtape!

    Is it available online? Or was it just at the show type of flex??
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    Elite 8 2011 Poll

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    Most Brutal Prank Ever

    that chick/guy was a straight kosraa.
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    Gun Control?

    guns dont kill people. people kill people.
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    Khunday Special Offer For This Week

    If BTF had a " BEST QUOTES OF 2010 " this would be top 3