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  1. Perry

    Jashan 2012 Team Shoutouts Part 1!

    Jashan 2012 Team Shoutouts Part 1!
  2. Perry

    Confirmed Fall 2010 Competitions?

    I believe AVAP is this fall aswell
  3. Perry

    Jashan 2010 Updated Line-up!!

    It's a Nachdi Jawani academy team (Mostly NSPD dancers)
  4. Perry

    Nachdi Jawani Warriors 2nd Place at TBYF

    Tailka - Billa Bakshi
  5. Perry

    Nachdi Jawani Elite 8 2011 mix request

    Song at 3:53: Kabbadi - Manak- E Song at 7:25: Vailpuna - Mandeep Randhawa I have attached Chobber below Song at 1:53: Khanda - Nirmal Sidhu
  6. Perry

    Nachdi Jawani at Elite 8 Video - YouTube

    Gurchan Manna - Dark Pink Ricky Robbie - Gold Arby Parby - Dark Green manjot mark - Purple amandeep gagan - Dark Brown sukhi jasdeep - Baby Blue khush bobby - light Pink jass pingu - Orange Colours according to paggan
  7. Perry

    bhangra govt college ropar zone 2009
  8. Perry

    Boston Bhangra 2009 Lineup??

    I believe they said the lineup will be released on September 26th
  9. Perry

    Bhangra Nation 13 Teams

    when will the lineup be announced?
  10. Perry

    Nachdi Jawani Girls @ TBYF
  11. Perry

    Nachdi Jawani Warriors 2nd Place at TBYF

    we choreographed this routine as a team in 4 days but it was khush (red) who made most of it. Its usually Ranjit who does the choreography for nj and amarjit for the warriors
  12. Perry

    Giddha Bhangra Semi Finals- Anmol Ratan Cultural Academy Ludhiana June 10 2009

    These guys lost to Lyallpur in the Finals
  13. Perry

    DAV College @ Giddha Bhangra Semi Finals
  14. Perry

    DAV Jalandhar performance

    already posted;topicseen#msg50225
  15. Perry

    Jawani Bhangra @ Bruin 09
  16. Perry

    APD @ Socal 2009
  17. Perry

    kobe doin' work

    heres part on the user for the rest of the parts. I was thinking about a bhangra documentary like this aswell, that would be sickkkk if they did that
  18. Perry

    SGPD at hall partyy
  19. Perry

    Will there ever be a indian in the nba?????

    peyton siva isnt indian, i heard hes Samoan
  20. Perry


    goodbye houston rockets