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  1. ahmad

    Waseem Stark ft: Mickey Singh - Bad Girl

    Hey all, Waseem's a pretty good friend of mine. He's an up-and-coming DJ and collabed on a track with Mickey Singh debuting on his album 'Mickstape'. They just released the song yesterday Enjoy
  2. ahmad

    SGPD 2nd place @ BAB III **front view**

    SGPD 1st place @ BAB III front view
  3. ahmad

    help with dowloading mixes

    Hey all...seems like every mix/song I download off of BTF is dowloading as a .part file....any help here and why it isnt downloading as a .mp3?!
  4. ahmad

    Raise $300 and I die my hair Green.....then shave it Hey all help me out with my cause of donating money to childhood cancer! If i raise $300 I dye my hair green for 4-5 days and then shave it all offff!
  5. ahmad

    Muqabala 2011 results

    1) ROCHESTER BHANGRA!! 2) Cornell Bhangra 3) Cornell sitara 2 YEARS IN A ROW ROCHESTER so fuckin proud of you guys :) :)
  6. ahmad

    DCBC @ BAB2 - Balcony View

    DCBC @ BAB2 - Balcony View Good job girls!
  7. ahmad

    Anakh-e-Gabroo (AEG)/SMD collab @ BAB 2 - Balcony View

    Anakh-e-Gabroo (AEG) @ BAB 2 - Balcony View Well deserved :)
  8. ahmad

    Nachdi Jawani Live @ BAB2 - **Balcony clearer view**

    Nachdi Jawani Live - BAB2 - (Balcony close up view)
  9. ahmad

    SGPD @ BAB2 - Balcony View

    SGPD @ BAB2 - Balcony View
  10. ahmad

    Khirre Phul Gulab De (KPGD) @ BAB2 - Balcony View

    Khirre Phul Gulab De (KPGD) @ BAB2 - Balcony View My favorite team of the Night. Should have placed 3rd in my opinion
  11. ahmad

    **URGENT** Dholi needed for wedding in Rochester, NY

    Hi allll one of my really good freinds is getting married and they are looking or Dholis. I was told today to help look and I need to know be Monday or Tuesday (if possible) PM me if you know anyone thanks! -Ahmad
  12. ahmad

    Song help - Sadkan Te - Amrit Brar & Miss Pooja (VCU jhummar)

    Hey guys anyone have the mp3 to VCU elite 8's Jhummar song Sadkan Te - by Amrit Brar and Miss Pooja? I need it for a wedding badly and ASAP! Thanks thanks thanks! VCU Bhangra 2011 Elite 8 3:45
  13. ahmad

    **Rochester Bhangra - JC MIX - Jason Kataria**

    Hey guys, with our '10-'11 competitive season coming to a close I have attached what was supposed to be our final mix for JC comp. Unfortunately we cannot compete over the summer so lucky for you guys, you guys get the mix now. Huge props to Jason Kataria for making all our mixes this...
  14. ahmad

    Open Practice Video!

    So for JBD we held an open practice where anyone from our school could come watch us perform the night before we left for JBD. I thought it would be cool to post it...anyways check it out comment and likee it! Note, the entire thing was not captured as my camera ran out of battery, but enjoy...
  15. ahmad

    Song help - SGPD idols '10

    Whats the song from 3:27 on? Thanks for your help in advance!
  16. ahmad

    CMU Bayside Jhummar

    Starts at 3:00
  17. ahmad

    Rochester Bhangra [2k10] AKD + Muqabala Mix - Jason Kataria

    Hugee props to Jason for an illllll mix. Muqabal required 25% 'American' music so its a bit different and has the G6 Mela. Enjoy ;D
  18. ahmad

    Rochester Bhangra - Muqabala 2010 (front view)

    Here is a better view of all: Rochester Bhangra Muqabla 2010
  19. ahmad

    Muqabala 2010 Placings

    1: Rochester Bhangra 2: Roc the Raas 3: First Class Bhangra
  20. ahmad

    Rochester Bhangra @ AKD 2010 - please do not post

    Please do not post our video from this weekend @ AKD. Everything will be posted after Next weekends Competition (Muqabala). (sounds exactly like UVAs post :P)