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  1. COCO

    Bhangra Masti 4 - Official Lineup, Tickets, Hotel & Judging Criteria (Updates)

    Re: BHANGRA MASTI 4 - OFFICIAL LINEUP AG got this on lock no stopping dem ;)
  2. COCO

    PDN jawani 2010

    PDN Jawani 2010
  3. COCO

    Punjab Di Nishani (PDN) @ Jawani 2010

    thanks bro ;)
  4. COCO

    Punjab Di Nishani (PDN) @ Jawani 2010

    yeye my niggas we did it up manvir ripped it
  5. COCO

    Apna Virsa Academy (AVA) @ Rangla Punjab 2010 (GTVHD)

    lol ahaha dholi is jokes but jasraj lailna should be number 1 in north america get at him
  6. COCO

    A Mix I made For A Girls Gidha/Bhangra team

    ;) that sick bro
  7. COCO

    Sonay Gabroo Punjab De @ Elite 8 Bhangra 2010 (GTVHD)

    my nigga karan held it down ;)
  8. COCO

    Jawani Bhangra Competition (Toronto) - Jassi Sidhu, Jaz Dhami, Deep Jandu LIVE

    Re: Official Team Line-Up - Jawani Bhangra Competition 2010 sick line up ;) romi got dis
  9. COCO


    i watched the whole live category and rooh had first for sure..idunno how they never placed, best rooh perfomance ever. i think those were the best rooh dancers from what i kno lalli and sunny were red, rohit and simar were green, asg and teji were blue, rana and sukhi were orange..... good luck...