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  1. lilballer2k6

    BTF Megamix 2.0 [4.20 Edition]

    Hey folks! It’s been a while since I interacted with the BTF community recently, but I come bearing a gift for you all during these uncertain times. 7 years ago I had the time to put together a bit of a passion project which consisted of me compiling my favourite segments from mixes made for...
  2. lilballer2k6

    BTF Megamix April 2013 (Download Link Attached)

    **EDIT** Here is the file uploaded: Alternate Link (if above doesn't work): Hey guys I put together this mix as something to study to during exam...
  3. lilballer2k6

    Old Mix - NTP @ Fever 2011

    Stumbled upon this mix and thought id share it with everyone, thought some parts were really worth sharing!!! Once again feedback is always appreciated! Thanks to Jason Kataria for the shika track, Aman M for Koka, DJ JP for...
  4. lilballer2k6

    New SoundCloud Page - Western's NA Culture Show Bhangra Segments

    Hey guys i used to make mixes a while back and kinda dropped it in between but these are some samples i put together this year for the NA Culture Show that my university (Western / UWO) competed at. Ill probably be updating the page more often since i have some spare time to start mixing again...
  5. lilballer2k6

    T-Dot Bhangra Updates

    The much anticipated weekend is FINALLY here! T-Dot Bhangra is all set to go! Just a quick update, Virsa Folkstars and DCMPAA are in town and have just checked in to the hotel. We will be constantly updating you guys throughout the weekend. Mixer and Pre-Party will be taking place tonight...
  6. lilballer2k6

    NJ @ Elite 8 2011 - Center Top View This view is much better than the other, and i can see that this set had some sort of an impact but still lacked quality in major areas!
  7. lilballer2k6

    2 SGPD BASED Clips - Gabroo Punjabi & Bhagat Singh

    So in SGPD's mixes i noticed a pattern of how they always keep about 8 beats of just instrumentals and no vocals somewhere in their mix! So i decided to use the instrumental of Maan Doabe Da from their Masti '09 Mix and mixed it with the lyrics of Bhagat Singh. I also mixed the intrumental...
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    This is for all the hip hop/reggae fans out there, you might like this:
  9. lilballer2k6

    Reggae and/or Hip Hop Mixtapes?

    Does anyone have or know where i can find them by any chance?
  10. lilballer2k6

    Soothing Indian Background Music Needed

    Im doing a presentation about India for a class and I need some background songs that I can play during the presentation, but that are soothing and not necessarily upbeat (istrumentals preferred)... Any ideas/suggestions?
  11. lilballer2k6

    Song Help - Jawani Warriors and SFBC

    Song at 5:11 (phumniya/sharara song) Seattle folk bhangra academy @ Big Apple Bhangra Song at 2:16 (First khunda song) Jawani Warriors @ Bhangra Masti 4 (420 p).mpg If anyone has them could they please post them up... Thanks in advance :D
  12. lilballer2k6

    Nachdi's Elite 8 Dandiya Song

    PROMOB Projekt/G-Deep/Raja Wilco - Naal Nachona Promo FULL SONG G Deep B Projekt - Naal Nachona Apparently the video for the full song is going to have dancers from V:OT, looking forward to this!
  13. lilballer2k6

    NTP @ Bhangra Nation MIX!!!

    For all those who desperately wanted this since November... Enjoy :) PS: Im not posting the Pao Bhangra mix yet just becasue we may be reusing some of the parts, but its generally the same mix as the nation one
  14. lilballer2k6

    Nachdey Gabhru @ Jawani 2K10 Mix Request

    Is there any chance of the mix being posted anytime soon?
  15. lilballer2k6

    NTP Ent. Performance @ Pao Bhangra 9

    Here is our performance from the Pao Bhangra weekend... Comments and constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated. I would also once again like to thank the entire Pao Bhangra committee for such an amazing weekend, this event is definetely one of the best events ive been to, the...
  16. lilballer2k6

    SAACS 2010

    Anyone manage to get any videos of this years competition? Being at the competiton & from what i saw, UTM snapped with bhangra, same with waterloo, mac and some other teams! Everyone had an AWESOME mix! For everyone who is a part of SAACS and is on btf, do u guys mind posting ur mixes/ vids...
  17. lilballer2k6

    Mediafire 3.0

    Call me a noob, but i have no idea how the new layout works.... everytime i click a link it shows the page but instead of a download link i look at a blue loader box that doesnt go away, do we have to wait before we download certain things now? Can someone please help? is this just happening to...
  18. lilballer2k6

    Mix Snippets - Critiques Greatly Appreciated

    I made some snippets a while back and decided i should continue to work on them and make them better. I was hoping i could get some input on these and some suggestions on how to make these better with the help of some BTF mixers. One of the mixes is the one i made for the BTF Mixoff, and the...
  19. lilballer2k6

    Song Request

    I don't know the name of the song but have heard the lyrics before and it goes something like: "Gaddianch gaddian chalon lag paye putt jattan de shoukeen" If anyone has it could they please post it up? Thanks in advance! :D
  20. lilballer2k6

    NTP in Search of 2 Girls For Bhangra Fever Competition

    As Bhangra Fever is on its way, NTP Entertainment is looking for two more girls that are trained in bhangra and that are located in the GTA to fill up our roster for the competition. The competition is taking place on February 13th, 2010 in Binghamton, New York down in the states. If you are...