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    Ministry of Bhangra (MOB) @ Boiler Bhangra 2014 (2nd Place)

    Hello everyone, Here is our 2nd place performance from Boiler Bhangra this past weekend. Shoutouts to BU and Northwestern for well deserved placings, and Neel and the Boiler committee for running a well organized comp yet again. Also, HUGE shout out to our liaisons Anjli and Shivangi for being...
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    Ministry of Bhangra Chicago (MOB) @ Nachda Punjab (GTV HD)

    Hey guys, Below is our video from Nachda Punjab 2013. Just wanted to give a shout out to our liason Puneet for being extremely helpful and responsive all weekend, and a special shout out to Neha Singh for dancing with us when we were short a girl! Also, Big shout out to Akademix (AK on this...
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    Ministry of Bhangra (MOB) @ Bhangra Fever 4

    Here's our video from Bhangra Fever 4. Big shout out to Daman for running a well organized competition, our liason Kieran for being extremely helpful the entire weekend, and Karthik for coming through tying our paghs. This was a big weekend for our team. I am extremely proud and thankful for...
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    UIC Bhangra @ Srujan 2011 Video + Mix

    On behalf of the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) Bhangra team, I would like to thank the Srujan Commitee for throwing a great show last week. This was our first year at Srujan and it was evident that the organizers took great care into seeing that everything ran smoothly and that teams...