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  1. ericsingh3

    qualifications for judging?

    A lot of good discussion about this topic and much needed as well. Comps need to do a better job of screening their judges as well as relaying judging/rubric information to teams timely. If you’re throwing a Bhangra competition, actually focus on the competition aspect. It’s not hard to reach...
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    Furteelay Shokeen @ Buckeye Mela 2019 - First Place

    The DJs worked really hard on creating this mix so take a listen on SoundCloud! If you want to rock Furteelay gear and support the team ->
  3. ericsingh3

    Tips on Getting Better

    Hey man! Thats awesome that youre motivated to get better. Some things I like to try are watching other teams I enjoy and then practicing some of their choreo to pick up new stylistic elements or improve form for certain moves. If its a detailed thing like wanting to do jhummar better, Ill watch...
  4. ericsingh3

    Creativity over Cleanliness - Feedback Wanted!

    can you post the old/current rubric? I personally think sync/cleanliness/execution tie directly into creativity/gimmicks/choreo/formations. Creativity needs to be executed cleanly in order for it to hit and make an impact on the judges imo (and I think that overall impact is what matters in...
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    Dil De Rangeen @ Bhangra in the 6ix 3rd Place

    Update - thanks @gtv !!
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    Nachdi Jawani Waris @ Bhangra in the 6ix 2018 (1st place)

    Dancing is at an insane level - love the intensity you guys bring, its so different from any other team. I especially liked the slow down/jugni segment that starts at 7:30, so saucy with the mix too. Another thing that makes this performance so fun to watch is the nakhra and confidence you...
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    Dil De Rangeen @ Bhangra in the 6ix 3rd Place

    Below is the video of Dil De Rangeen at Bhangra in the 6ix! We are fortunate enough to have competed against some of the best teams from the US/Canada and pull off a 3rd place performance. Congratulations to Royal Queens and NJ - you guys are mind-blowing dancers and its amazing to see live...
  8. ericsingh3

    How do you rationalize to yourself and others the amount of time you spend on Bhangra?

    Damn dope thread!! Everything said above mirrors my sentiments as well Love what you said @siddyp about the real world lessons learned To add: For me, it's a pretty cool feeling to be able to tell family and friends that we get travel around the country a couple times a year with our teams and...
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    Ranjhe @ Harbour City Bhangra 2018 (3RD PLACE)

    This was dope! Great coming out performance and excited for what's next. I loved the mix, choreo was fresh and flowed Couple things I think could help you guys - synchronization and stamina based mainly. In the beginning you guys looked in sync but as people got tired I saw some missed moves...
  10. ericsingh3

    UVA @ Bhangra Blowout 2018

    This was pretty hot - I really enjoyed the slower khunda seg (mix was fire too) and khunda in general. Choreo flow has gotten much better as well as execution but I think dancers can improve on stage presence to match red and blue For me some quick things to work on would be trying to make the...
  11. ericsingh3

    Sherniyan Di Sarkari @ Motor City Bhangra and Circle City Bhangra

    Incredibly proud of the squad for shattering expectations and pushing the bar both individually and as a team! You all dance for the right reasons and that passion shows - super excited for the future :cool: Just wanted to add that Baaj and Pabla ripped it on the mix and were a pleasure to work...
  12. ericsingh3

    Queen City Bhangra Competition (registration now open)

    Aye hometown comp! Glad to hear a team coming out of UC and hosting a comp :) All the best!
  13. ericsingh3

    UNC Bhangra Elite @ Bhangra in the Burgh 2017

    This was super hot and choreo was fresh. Kept my attention from start to finish. Love the intensity- which is something I think a lot of collegiate teams lack and why I think you guys are the top right now. Couple minor things I think you guys could improve on: -Highlighting girls- felt like...
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    Furteelay @ Bhangra in the Burgh 2017

    Update: Thanks gtv for the vid!
  15. ericsingh3

    Rangeelay Jawan Tryouts

    Good luck guys with recruiting and this upcoming season! Excited to see another midwest team in the mix
  16. ericsingh3

    2016-2017 Competitive Season Review

    dope thread Best Coed Team: UNC, Buckeye, Cal Best All Guys Team: SPD Best All Girls Team: Agree with Nimit; That vancity girls set was sick. Watch out for sds this year :) Best Competition to Compete At: Blowout (havent experienced a crowd like that at any other comp) Best Sets: SPD Big Ten...
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    UNC Bhangra Elite (2nd Place) - Bhangra Blowout 24 [Video + Mix]

    Just saw the vid for the first time and I second everything Nimit said above but also another thing that set you guys apart was how solid you guys were 1-16. Props to each dancer for not only doing a set that hard but doing it at such a high level!
  18. ericsingh3

    Kadar-Tankha Sample

    @srikarran good job for just starting man! I'm no DJ by any means lol, but I for thanka i felt like there were some instrumentals that didn't fit as well as some that fit nicely. I think thatll come with practice tho! Also, I think you could make the drops for both songs more dramatic. Best of...
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    Buckeye Bhangra @ Bhangra Blowout 24 [3rd Place]

    Attaching the Mix below! Thanks to all for the compliments on the mix! S/O to Dj HsD for doing a great job with the segments and making changes as we needed to match choreography and Dj Baaj for making a memorable dhamaal segment! Here is our mix from bhangra blowout: