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  1. Bharathi

    Vancouver International Butter Chicken

    I love how this post went from VIBC being a disgrace to how Vancouverites put butter chicken on everything (we really do) LOL
  2. Bharathi

    Jawani Comes to an End

    Thanks for the love everyone! And I'll always be Babyjot's bhangra mama :)
  3. Bharathi

    Calf Pain

    Saron da tel compress with salt and an epsom salt bath with lavender oil helped me
  4. Bharathi

    Jawani Comes to an End

    Hello fellow bhangra lovers, for those of you who don't know, this Sunday Jawani competed in our last competition ever. We had humble beginning in 2004 so after a 10 year run we decided it was time to wrap it up. In that time frame, we had many highs and lows but nothing compares to young...
  5. Bharathi

    New Competition - Las Vegas All Stars - May 3rd

    Looks fantastic! Couple of questions 1. Is there a judging rubric we can get our hands on? 2. Who is it the same organizers as SinCity Bhangra? Thanks :)
  6. Bharathi

    Bhangra Idols Showdown - Sunday October 13th

    Holy mother of all girls teams LOL Furteelay! Glad to have you guys, hopefully it doesn't rain on you all weekend :P
  7. Bharathi

    Retired Bhangra dancers in Vancouver

    "THATS MY MOTHER ON STAGE!" <-- comment got quite a few looks at VIBC....thanks for that :)
  8. Bharathi

    Retired Bhangra dancers in Vancouver

    I'm down! Chandan you are not retired, you danced 3 months ago!
  9. Bharathi

    The Line Up

    Very excited to be a part of this lineup! Can't wait to see everyone, happy practicing :)
  10. Bharathi

    Jawani Bhangra @ Sin City 2013 - Please Don't Post!

    If you do have a video I'd love to see it It was great to see old friends and meet new people, thanks to the committee for having us!
  11. Bharathi

    How To Prevent Injury From Dancing?

    I used to only dance with shoes on and for the last couple of months I've been practicing barefoot and noticed a huge different in what gets sore and when. I think I feel a false sense of strength and stomp too hard with shoes on, and I'm lighter on my feet without them. Try dancing without...
  12. Bharathi


    With less than a week before we leave, Jawani is pretty stoked to be competing in Sin City! We all get in Thursday night and we are up for going out, so if any other teams would like to join shoot me a PM we can't wait to meet you all :)
  13. Bharathi

    Behavior at Competitions

    I think a big portion of the behaviour of teams stems from leadership. We competed in a competition with Shan E Punjab from Surrey and all of those boys were respectful, well behaved, and polite all weekend. No drunkenness, no rowdiness, not even any noise. Nothing. The fact that the...
  14. Bharathi

    Jawani Bhangra Tryouts

    Hi Friends, Happy New Year! Jawani Bhangra is proud to announce tryouts for our ALL GIRLS TEAM on Monday Jan 14th at 7 pm at SFU in Burnaby. Experience is not necessary but dedication, commitment, and a willingness to learn is. Please pm me, email me at or hit me up...
  15. Bharathi

    Bags Used to Carry Around Props?

    My girls are pretty responsible...and they know they'd never hear the end of it if they forgot something :P If you keep saying the same thing enough times they get the idea!
  16. Bharathi

    Bags Used to Carry Around Props?

    Jawani's rule going to comps is that anything that goes on your body on stage (Vardi, jewellry, fake hair, etc) goes in each girl's carry on luggage. I get each girl to take her own sapp with her, in her carry on luggage. For the khundays and chimptays we take a huge ski bag complete with duct...
  17. Bharathi

    Things about gigs that you like/don't like

    Change rooms at gigs? whats are those? If you do creepy jhummar nakhra complete w eyebrows, the kids oftem go away :P
  18. Bharathi

    Nishani Bhangra @ BBC 2012

    This set was amazing! I loved it, tons of entertainment value, keep up your hard work!
  19. Bharathi

    [Shan E Punjab Arts Club] @ Boston Bhangra 2012 - First Place

    Missed your set at Idols but you better believe I didn't even blink during your set at guys did an awesome job and deserved 1st...we're very proud of you :) On a side note...these guys are some of the best behaved, most respectful people I've met in the circuit. After a first place...
  20. Bharathi

    Burgh Results

    Cal Bhangra hats off...your set was beautiful! Keep up the hard work, can't wait to watch ALL the videos :)