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  1. Mandi

    Flight credit !!

    Did you already sell it?
  2. Mandi


    First of all, congratulations to all the performing teams! I was able to catch the second half of the show via the live stream and all the teams did a great job :) It's unfortunate that some people can't appreciate and respect the hard work that these teams put in when preparing for a...
  3. Mandi

    Nachda Punjab 2011 - LIVE STREAMING

    CAL Bhangra always puts a smile on my face :D and I'm so happy they got new vardiyan.
  4. Mandi

    R.I.P Jagjit Singh=(

    This saddens me so much, such an amazing talented artist lost :( R.I.P. Jagjit Singh Live At The BBC - Jagjit Singh - Maaye Ni Maaye (Punjabi)
  5. Mandi

    Raunak Shaunak - Tera Mera Ki Rishta

    I know this song is a bit old, but I just watched the movie and really curious to know who all of the 10 singers were in it. I know some of them. Can anyone else fill in the blanks?? thanks! Raunak Shaunak song - Tera mera ki rishta 1 - Pammi Bai :-* 2 - 3 - Inderjit Niku 4 - Ravinder...
  6. Mandi

    3D (Davis Di Dynasty) Intro Video for Big Apple Bhangra 2011

    Ashveer - I see some pictures from past Bulldog comps. lolz
  7. Mandi


    Damn Anu Malik has no shame. How many songs has he jacked? How is he even considered to be a decent music producer???
  8. Mandi


    sadly this looks like it came out before Need Churayi..I can close my eyes and can remember the horrible dancing of Ajay, Kajol, Juhi, and Aamir..but none the less a great song :)
  9. Mandi

    What's your fav Cologne?

    You should try D&G: The One Gentleman - it's not as "mature" as the original. Every guy should seriously stay away from Marc Jacobs: Bang..unless you honestly want to smell like turkha.
  10. Mandi

    Columbia Bhangra Mixes 2009-2010

    I have been waiting forever for that Norcal mix...loved it when I heard it at Norcal...thanks.
  11. Mandi

    Chirhian da chambha - song help

    Does anyone have this song or can help me find it. It is an old Punjabi song called chirhian da chambha. I have the original song sung by Surinder Kaur and Prakash Kaur, but I need this version sung my Dr. Masooma/Masuma Anwar. She is the daughter of Reshma. I know there is a full length...
  12. Mandi

    Vent on the go? bbm?

    Omg..I remember this. I literally had my phone battery charging all the time. But it was fun and interesting as long as it lasted.
  13. Mandi


    Kinnell - Did your love for Bhangra begin with this song??? Karan Arjun (Bhangra Paale)
  14. Mandi

    Half Dome

    Wait I thought Kiranjit said he didn't go. I was asking him to go with us last year. Dippy I am down, just not next weekend! Ashveer you need to come too!
  15. Mandi

    Harshdeep Kaur

    There are so many similar qualities between Ali Abbas and Amanat Ali from SaReGaMaPa..their voices sound alike and both are amazing at singing Ghulam Ali's ghazals..but def would have to go with Amanat!! AMANAT ALI: HUNGAMA HAI KYON CLEAR ----CLEAR VERSION! I remember reading something about...
  16. Mandi

    Harshdeep Kaur

    I agree..Ali Abbas should have won..but the same thing happens in all of the Indian singing reality shows..Pakistani contestant do no ever get enough votes.
  17. Mandi

    Harshdeep Kaur

    Not sure if anyone is posted videos about her or not..but I absolutely love her voice! Harshdeep - Akhiyaan Milake Channa -Junoon Dil da Jani- Harshdeep & Javed Bashir
  18. Mandi

    VIBC travel

    Gopi - At least APD won't miss their flights back home this time around..haha.
  19. Mandi

    Virsa: Our Tradition at Bayside Bhangra 2010

    I agree..Pinder you were awesome...Go Blue Jorhi!!!..I am def. excited to see what you guys bring to Masti.