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  1. Aaron.B

    NYPD Mix

    probably not
  2. Aaron.B

    NYPD at local gig

    Nav Aujla and Harpreet sandhu in the orange Sunny Sidhu and Gurpreet padda in the blue you are mistaken
  3. Aaron.B

    NYPD at local gig

    1 NJ dancer
  4. Aaron.B

    diablo 3 :D

    +2 To All Skills +1-148 To Life (+1.5 Per Character Level) +1-148 To Mana (+1.5 Per Character Level) Damage Reduced By 10% 50% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items +2 To All Attributes harlequin crest shako... if you dont know what it is you shouldn't be playing diablo!
  5. Aaron.B

    diablo 3 :D

  6. Aaron.B


    good review!, i agree with you on most of the things you said
  7. Aaron.B

    Nachde Yaar Punjab De (NYPD) @ T-Dot Bhangra!!

    when the lights shutoff at 3:30 it was only suppose to be for a few seconds but they kept the lights off because they read our lighting sheet wrong.
  8. Aaron.B

    NYPD @ Wedding

    dont worry TDOT video will be up soon :)
  9. Aaron.B

    Chuch in tdot

    no this is NYPD's academy (rhythms of dance and music studio)
  10. Aaron.B

    --<<< The Official BTF RE-Mixers Ladder 2011 >>>--

    wow harman you went off hahah :) kill this shit
  11. Aaron.B

    Killing of christians in Orissa, INDIA

    couldn't have said it better!
  12. Aaron.B

    NYPD bhangra @ UBC - 2nd Place

    RED - Bobby Brar and Nav Aujla BLUE - Ricky Bagha and Surya Sharma YELLOW - Shahrukh Khan and Nirpaal Saggu BLACK - Jimmy Dhindsa and Gurpinder Dhaliwal TURQOISE - Samarth Gola and Harman Chahal PINK - Sunny Sidhu and Samrat Grewal
  13. Aaron.B

    NYPD bhangra @ VPD 2011!!!!!!!!!!!

    lol nobodys watching this anymore! everyones watching ubc!
  14. Aaron.B

    NYPD bhangra @ UBC - 2nd Place

    the idea for the lights was created long ago but to implement it was hard work and we just got it done in time for UBC. they are lights on shikeh not easy to do ;) and you talk too much shit for a kid...
  15. Aaron.B

    NYPD bhangra @ VPD 2011!!!!!!!!!!!

    most likely not