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  1. Jeeti

    Your Fav hipHopp/Rap Beat - POST HERE !

    lest we forget the genius ryan leslie.. Fabolous - You be Killin Em Instrumental
  2. Jeeti

    Your Fav hipHopp/Rap Beat - POST HERE !

    Jay-Z - La La La (Excuse Me Miss Again) (instrumental w download link)
  3. Jeeti

    Review of Pao Bhangra

    this is so fantastic
  4. Jeeti

    Tumbi Loaded in Matador in 2 hours :)

    Sounds real sick man..I would just increase the sound levels of the tumbi.
  5. Jeeti

    Dancers in Atlanta Georgia

    There are only a few that ruin it for everyone...and to those being absolutely rude and ridiculous to this new team, EVERYONE HAS TO START SOMEWHERE. As someone mentioned, look at some of the teams now versus how they started out. Have you ever seen an SGPD video from back in the day when they...
  6. Jeeti

    MOVED: Tere aashiqan di lund bari lambi eh

    This topic has been moved to TRASH.
  7. Jeeti

    Bhangra by uPatiala Team

    so true..this is a true folk performance at what looks like a straight up mela...bhangra in one of its purest forms.
  8. Jeeti

    *** Steve Aoki - TURBULENCE (Armaani Remix) ***

    im with you bro...sick as hell.
  9. Jeeti

    Reasons Why Women Go To The Club

    hahhaha funny as hell
  10. Jeeti

    Another Punjabi Rapper? Hell yeah but he jus aint the same as everybody else

    agreed..he just needs more refinement with organizing his thoughts and delivery. impressive though..really impressive.
  11. Jeeti

    Another Punjabi Rapper? Hell yeah but he jus aint the same as everybody else

    yo this kid is crazy dope man. good looks.
  12. Jeeti

    Judges & Fluency in Punjabi

    I can't agree with you more on the fact that active dancers should not be judging. I think the bigger problem that we are neglecting to see is that so many of the most qualified judges have moved on from bhangra completely..not only do they not dance, but they are just quite frankly too busy or...
  13. Jeeti

    Judges & Fluency in Punjabi

    Sadly, this is so true...There are more than a few judges that have absolutely no right to be asked to be a judge but don't bring this forum into the equation unnecessarily...although it does allow some of these people to get more exposure than they otherwise would, competition organizers should...
  14. Jeeti

    Drexel University Bhangra @ Bhangra Blowout 18

    This will always be the difference between collegiate and independent teams----- > dancer turnover and dancer development...its the beauty of collegiate teams...you can watch the development of dancers and the maturity..take the same new dancers which I'm sure you noticed in this routine see...
  15. Jeeti

    Bhangra Blowout Placings

    Before anyone begins to make generalized statements about what the competition was looking for, check the rubric...and I wasn't there but from what I heard..according to the rubric, placings were dead on. As a former member of DUB, I am completely and openly bias. Congratulations Drexel on a...
  16. Jeeti

    Bhangra Blowout Placings

    Drexel... finally.
  17. Jeeti

    New Jusreign video... punjabi music rant!

    ..its so accurate
  18. Jeeti

    Bayside Bhangra 2011 Committee Follow Up

    This is a very classic example of the forum being put to good use...transparency in competitions of all mistakes, problems, etc... is crucial to their success and is INVALUABLE for us as dancers to evaluate a competition looking to apply in the future. Good job bayside.
  19. Jeeti

    Perhaps one of the most random funny videos I have ever come across...

    Why are they dancing down the street? Why are they in costume? Who and why is it being videotaped? Nobody knowss... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSr2Ff76UW4&feature=player_embedded#at=46
  20. Jeeti

    Ashok Gill Singing Moorni Live

    freakin awesome man