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  1. Saab

    BB26 Results/Feedback

    I think the point is less about the points and more about the feedback and how the vision of the competition aligns to the judging, aligning to the scores, and aligning to the feedback. There are a host of judges who have been great dancers and captains and cannot stay on script or on brand...
  2. Saab

    Bhangra Showdown 2019 controversy

    I amend my previous statement about the need for a fyre festival-esque documentary. This needs to be a show at this point. Real husbands/housewives of bhangra. Music by jatt fm/SoundCloud and broadcast on comedy Central.
  3. Saab

    Vice City Competition Review

    I heard a rumour that Rahul and Anil Prasad are the same person. Any truth to this?
  4. Saab

    Favorite Judges

    My list: Sid pandit - FCB kuntal shah - kpgd Angela luo - whatever team she's on right now kinnell shah - if he's alive Reeda Saleem - smd Preet chahal - bk hK - auntie bhangra squad There are more, I'm sure, but always appreciated the details from these folks. Would look forward to newer names!
  5. Saab

    qualifications for judging?

    Also can someone tell me when the bhangra blitz fyre festival documentary comes out? Is it on netflix and hulu? Is Ja Rule involved?
  6. Saab

    qualifications for judging?

    So: Lack of female judging is alarming. It speaks a lot to how the dynamics are when it comes to running teams (my opinion), but that brings up a lack of diversity in thought Nothing is going to get done from this - there are no movements, initiatives, or ideas that are far reaching enough to...
  7. Saab

    Creativity over Cleanliness - Feedback Wanted!

    So, I don't mind the re-weighting and re-balancing of scores, I just hesitate on the execution of the idea. Its always easier to value execution - its not individualistic to the judges and can be clearly judged over multiple judges, whereas creativity is definitely way more subjective on a...
  8. Saab

    Mazaah: Bhangra and Bollywood Fusion Comp

    Congrats on a new competition coming to the scene! Great to have more competitions in the circuit.
  9. Saab

    Do we need comps like WBBC and Elite 8 Invitational?

    M8 seems the reviews don't seem great. Recommend another?
  10. Saab

    Differences in UK vs NA Circuits

    Omg...bhangra podcast time
  11. Saab

    Do we need comps like WBBC and Elite 8 Invitational?

    I would completely disagree with this statement. Honestly, if the US scene was just one comp a year mentality, it would probably be a much different story. I can see teams like JJ, BK, AEG, FCB, NSG, etc being completely and utter dominant in a one comp format...similar to UK/Canada teams in...
  12. Saab

    Bhangra League

    Escalating laundry tariffs coupled with an endless supply of aunties. Need that low cost, pond water smelling clothes.
  13. Saab

    Bhangra League

    I have no money, as I used it all to donate to kylie jenner being a self-made billionaire. However, I support this at will help me launder money into canada via donations to canadian teams.
  14. Saab

    Furteelay Shokeen (First Place) @ Motor City Bhangra 2018

    To see how far you guys have come since chatting with sahab and crew at Mela till now is nothing short of unbelievable. Fantastic job - really have a great foundation for success moving forward. Really liked the intro, loved the jhoomer, enjoyed some of the simplicity of the set and focus on...
  15. Saab

    Nachdi Jawani Folk Loverz 2nd Place @ Motor City Bhangra 2018

    Should clarify in comparison to Furteelay, but there's different opinions on a forum. Oh my.
  16. Saab

    Nachdi Jawani Folk Loverz 2nd Place @ Motor City Bhangra 2018

    I don't think it was lacking - definitely agree with Mandeeps point though. Thought the set overall was great, and the best NJ set of the season, I just saw a few clumps of similar dancers, but not a consistently uniform approach to executing each move, each step each segment. As @desi99...
  17. Saab

    Crafting a well run competition: A dancer's perspective.

    Couple of thoughts since this was first posted: 1. Feedback for teams that don't make the competition would be a huge plus for up and coming teams. Typically, competitions are looking for something specific in who they accept, so providing feedback (even if it is "We are looking for elite...
  18. Saab

    UNC Bhangra Elite @ Bhangra in the Burgh 2017

    This is my critique in a nutshell. Piece of advice for all teams and captains - if you were to compile all the different pieces of feedback given in the past year, one of the common themes (and something nimit alludes to) is critiques and feedback around jhoomer execution/choreography...
  19. Saab

    AEG @ Bhangra in the Burgh (3rd Place)

    Just a few points- don't want to rehash what's been said: 1) vardiyaan look great, but it's so much easier to see mistakes, angles off, lack of range in saaps, etc when you wear colored vardiyaan like that. Just a comment (I think they look great), but I easily noticed lack of extension of...