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  1. Amlii

    Pind De Sharaabi - LOLL

    lolllllll same shyt happenin at masti watch lol
  2. Amlii

    NBA Finals 2010 Game 7

    sarey celtic fans chungo kobe da
  3. Amlii

    nobody can F**k with this kid

    Official Journal of Child 2 years FUMA 40 cigarettes per day Indonesia Indonesian baby on 40 cigarettes a day
  4. Amlii

    Virsa: Our Tradition at Bayside Bhangra 2010

    lolllllllllllll sala
  5. Amlii


    hatja hatja lol
  6. Amlii


    ithon pata lagda punjabiyan da burahhhhhh khich key rakkho
  7. Amlii

    Anyone watching kabaddi world cup 2010!!!!

    india got this. dulla surakhpuria ney rol deney sare
  8. Amlii

    Sartinder Sartaj's shows CANCELED

    fadlo tattey
  9. Amlii

    is this a parody video or legit?

    wah kya baat hey
  10. Amlii

    Deep Jandu's new video for NACH

    kudi tan nachi vi heni puri video vich lakk sala kiddan totju
  11. Amlii


    Video is unavailable
  12. Amlii


    good job guys. sick set but dont like the phumaniyan sorry. phumaniyan tan bhot grace naal pon vala step va. that shyt looks ridiculous in the video. everything else is just hot.
  13. Amlii

    Bayside Bhangra Judging HELP!

    who is parbinder dhaliwal and luvdeep randhawa ?
  14. Amlii

    Majhay Malway Doabe Diyan Boliyan - Pammi Bai

    file is not available bro. can u upload it again?
  15. Amlii

    All Purpose World Cup Thread

    india got this. they gonna play without soccer shoes. chaplaan pakey
  16. Amlii

    Bhagat Singh - Nishawn Bhullar

    Nishawn Bhullar - Bhagat Singh Feat. Honey Singh
  17. Amlii

    Master Saleem has Competition

    competition? lol eh tan ohdey kol vi nhi lageya. bond paad diti saleem ney
  18. Amlii

    yo lilsandhu where u at?

    +1 it be +100 if u upload ur video singing to this brather lolllll koi ni brather kar diney aa hukam tan kar ;)