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  1. J Wong

    Make judging great - some low hanging fruit

    How do you feel about just ranking teams? Like a rubric could exist with certain things the competition wants to see, but in terms of the scores it could simply be: given the above criteria, please rank the following teams. It gives you the ability to modify how you felt the team should place...
  2. J Wong

    Reaching Out to all **CURRENT** Dancers/Captains

    Sorry I fell off of the planet, life has been consumed by medical school.
  3. J Wong

    Reaching Out to all **CURRENT** Dancers/Captains

    Applied to be a judge. Always denied. Gave up.
  4. J Wong

    Who's here to claim the throne?

    Almost looking like 2009
  5. J Wong

    Same mistakes...

    http://bhangrateamsforum.com/discuss/main-bhangra-discussion/crafting-a-well-run-competition-a-dancer's-perspective/ I wrote this post a few years ago, and since then I have been to a number of competitions. Most of the things/mistakes I outlined in this post are still being made. To older...
  6. J Wong


    Looks like this is relevant once again: http://bhangrateamsforum.com/discuss/main-bhangra-discussion/crafting-a-well-run-competition-a-dancer's-perspective/
  7. J Wong

    How to Make a Decent Set

    Throwing out there that creativity doesn't necessitate move variations. A decent set comes from a lot of things, good mix, solid dancers who have presence, and flow. You could have a 'terrible set' but if you own it and command the stage it will hit hard.
  8. J Wong

    How to Score More Funding for Your Competition

    1. Team plasma selling 2. Team kidney selling 3. Team prostitution 4. Team drug trafficking 5. Team human trafficking 6. Assassination Just need to think outside of the box
  9. J Wong


    Kato feet, I need my arms for too many things.
  10. J Wong

    Intro speech?

    Pappi gill tracks have them if I recall.
  11. J Wong

    JusReign Physique critique!

    From the videos I have seen all I can say is this guy is a bhenchod. Talks complete shit, doesn't know shit about nutrition/ human metabolism, and does he even lift?
  12. J Wong

    World Cup 2014 - Who you rooting for?

    Vamos Lá Portugal!
  13. J Wong

    Off-season training?

    You need to get your team to want to stay in shape. In my experience, dedicated teams have managed themselves. So the first thing I would suggest is to sit your team down and talk to them about what both you and they want for the team. When you are all on the same page (e.g. placing at...
  14. J Wong

    Why is a girl coming out or girl reveal under a pagh a gimmick?

    Such a superfluous definition of 'surprise', but I love it.
  15. J Wong

    Why is a girl coming out or girl reveal under a pagh a gimmick?

    that is true. I keep forgetting about the crowd in these situations.
  16. J Wong

    Why is a girl coming out or girl reveal under a pagh a gimmick?

    For me it comes off as 'oh wow a girl is doing bhangra like a guy'. I figured that we established that girls can dance as well as guys and vice versa and I'm not sure what the 'gimmick' is.
  17. J Wong

    Bruin Review

    Added to my 'how to craft a well run competition' thread.
  18. J Wong

    *** Wiki Starter Topic 4- Common Bhangra words/phrases***

    bhenchod - a common motivational term. ;p
  19. J Wong

    Bhangra in the Burgh 8!

    I feel old. I remember BITB 4 like it was yesterday.
  20. J Wong

    song name

    Ask Harman