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  1. RAJ22

    ASAP Bhangra Mixes 2016

    Damn tintu, back at it again with that fuegooooo.
  2. RAJ22

    Over Ear Headphones?

    I own a pair of Monster Inspiration Active noise canceling headphones. Insane.
  3. RAJ22


  4. RAJ22

    Sin City Placings

    Sick comp! Had a blast. Double M G.
  5. RAJ22

    LBC @ Wedding

    Props on the Surjit Bullar song
  6. RAJ22

    Designer Mixtape - SunliteSoundz

  7. RAJ22

    Designer Mixtape - SunliteSoundz

    Releasing a little mix made by my boy Dj Sunlite. I hope you guys enjoy. Criticism is much appreciated. Just a few shout outs; Dj Hypnotiq (Happy Birthday Fam!!!), Navi Daljit Cheema Nanu, Ash Verma, Ajmeet Manku, Vik Dee, Bass Boost Tejo Kaur, Juice County and the constituents who reside...
  8. RAJ22

    Help a New Orleans drummer who just discovered the dhol

  9. RAJ22

    Lex Luger Instrumental Collection

    Is their a young choppa one?
  10. RAJ22

    Lex Luger Instrumental Collection

    Any reviews?
  11. RAJ22

    Lex Luger Instrumental Collection

    Have fun, this crap is amazing. http://www.datpiff.com/Instrumentals-Got-Instrumentals-Lex-Luger-Edition-mixtape.238598.html
  12. RAJ22

    Practice Speakers

    I work at frys electronics and I hear some pretty good stuff. The jawbone is sick! But, I think it lacks sufficient bass. Look at the logitech Z series. My favorite are the Z906, but its like a 5.1 system, check the other variants.
  13. RAJ22

    describe your last shit using a movie title

    Lol hunger games
  14. RAJ22

    describe your last shit using a movie title

    Project x
  15. RAJ22

    Toofan Entertainment - Boliyan

    Meow Meow
  16. RAJ22

    Toofan Entertainment - Boliyan

    I'm Saini and I know it.