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  1. mathesonwhat

    Bhangra Idols Sunday October 7th

    idols need a live category, tired of seeing the same stufff... good comp though
  2. mathesonwhat

    Nachdi Jawani @ Jashan 2012

    awesome performance and MAD respect for the ending!
  3. mathesonwhat

    Furteelay Shokeen at MLIB 2012

    apna punjab hove!!! bruuuaahh
  4. mathesonwhat

    Raunak Punjab Di @ Josh Bhangre Da 2012

    Ohhh hey guyss! Heres our performance at Josh Bhangre Da held in beautiful Burnaby, B.C., Canada! We are a relatively new team to the circuit and this is only our second performance going live on dhol. By posting this video up we are hoping we can get some positive/negative feedback from you...
  5. mathesonwhat


    +10!!! theyre untouchable
  6. mathesonwhat

    Joshiley Jawan @ Elite 8 bhangra balcony and front views

    This was EASILY the BEST performance of the night! You guys kept it folk, which is awesome! Jhumar was str88 killzz, and the blue jori just RIPPED it at 8:41.
  7. mathesonwhat

    NJ Toddlers Party Performance

    beautiful performancee, live bhangra is where its atttt
  8. mathesonwhat

    DC Metro Punjabi Arts Academy @ Raunak Punjabi Virsey DI 2012 (GTVHD)

    this is sick, dude in the orange held it DOWNN
  9. mathesonwhat

    Username help

    pretty sure you cant, i had to make a new account
  10. mathesonwhat

    Raunak Punjabi Virsey Di - Lineup

    WTF!!!! Australian team!?!
  11. mathesonwhat

    Dhaliwal Banquet Hall Presents- Raunak Punjabi Virsey Di Bhangra Competition

    OMG!!! you can get tickets from planet india restaurant!?! I LOVE THAT PLACE!!! <3
  12. mathesonwhat

    Bhangra Idols, "Best of the Best" Placings

    i thought pcbca deserved to place, they had one nasty ass set, but its alright, congrats to all the teams! VERY COMPETITIVE!!!!
  13. mathesonwhat

    NACHDA PUNJAB 2011 Lineup!!!

    this competition looks competitive
  14. mathesonwhat

    Doaba Khalsa Empire LOL

    i hope more teams from india dont try this style, india is the only place where live bhangra is actually favoured by the audience