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  1. SuaveSahib

    Bhangra Showdown 2019 controversy

    Anyone have Aston's or King's Mix from TBS both were fire lmao
  2. SuaveSahib

    West Coast Type Bhangra Mash-ups

    Hello All, I'm compiling west coast type mixes and mashups of bhangra songs for a SoCal bhangra mixtape for those interested in listening check me out! If you are interested in using these samples for a bhangra mix please contact me beforehand and don't rip my music please.
  3. SuaveSahib

    BTF Mixing Ladder Season 4: One More Week

    Damn beat me to it
  4. SuaveSahib

    Week 6 Wrap up and Week 7 Callout Thread

    Suave Sahib challenges RSD
  5. SuaveSahib

    Week 5 Wrap Up and Week 6 Callout Thread

    Suave Sahib (9) challenges Ja$han-a-Ja$han (6)
  6. SuaveSahib

    Week 5 Matchup 7: DJ ManDown vs. Ns_moose

    I like my mixdowns with alot of bass it felt like the second mix had no bass what so ever in the mixdown even though the leveling and layering was solid for both gotta give it to Dj 1.
  7. SuaveSahib

    New Member? Introduce yourself here!

    Bruhhhhh someone grab their mans right now he needs to be stopped
  8. SuaveSahib

    How do you rationalize to yourself and others the amount of time you spend on Bhangra?

    To be honest its always been more about the music than bhangra for me. If the music isn't fire then you're not going to want to dance, but the two go hand in hand you can't just be doing basic ass moves to fire mixes it just won't hit and vice versa. In bhangra you hear the hype in the mixes...
  9. SuaveSahib

    Mixing Ladder Song Suggestions

    My boy got the nappiest parna in the game LOL
  10. SuaveSahib

    Week 2 Matchup 2: kRRn Mixes vs. Paaji

    DJ 2 because they pushed the boundaries for a saap segment, with that being said you don't want to go too far which may have been the case at some points because then it becomes hard to dance too. It was really close for my decision DJ 1 played it a bit too safe imo, but made a cool track as...
  11. SuaveSahib

    Mixing Ladder Song Suggestions

    Sidhu Moosewala - So High/ Issa Jatt/ Tochan Dj Rags - Mode Maar Ke Bas Kar - Bindrakhia