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  1. Soorya_ramp99

    Furteelay Shokeen @ Maryland Mauj 2020

    Also here is our first place performance from East Coast Showdown! Dancers: Red: Soorya Ramappan and Jasmeet Chahal Ferozi: Sahab Grover and Rishi Kumar Purple: Gursimran Singh and Sid Pawa Blue: Raj Bramhane and Rohan Batra Pink: Harman Sidhu and Prabhnoor Bhatti Yellow: Bobby Singh Amal...
  2. Soorya_ramp99

    Furteelay Shokeen @ Maryland Mauj 2020

    Hi all! So given that everyone is bored at home socially isolated, we decided it would be the perfect time to release our first place performance at Maryland Mauj. This was definitely a memorable one and it really proved to us that no matter the roadblocks you encounter, there’s always a way to...
  3. Soorya_ramp99

    ★★★★★ FAUJ @ Vice City Bhangra 2019 ★★★★★

    Nasty performance guys! When I was watching it live I honestly didn't want it to end. Set was super creative and the execution complimented the choreo very well. It was also nice to see you guys going coed but still keeping the same FAUJ vibe. Keep it up, and focus on getting all your dancers to...
  4. Soorya_ramp99

    Furteelay Shokeen @ Buckeye Mela 2019 - First Place

    Hi everyone! We are very excited to share our first place performance from Buckeye Mela 2019! It was a great experience to work with such a talented group of dancers, and we are excited for what's next. There were a lot of people who contributed to this performance so I would like to give a...
  5. Soorya_ramp99

    2017-2018 Competitive Season Review

    Best Coed Team: Aston, DDR, DRP Best All Guys Team: SPD, NJJ, NSG Best All Girls Team: Vancity, SDS, Royal Queens Best US Team: FCB, NSG, Soormay Best Canadian Team: SPD, NJJ, NJFL Just to mix things Up: Most Overrated Team: -- Most Underrated Team: VSB, RVD, FAUJ Most Dissapointing Team...
  6. Soorya_ramp99

    Bruin Bhangra XX (2018) Predictions

    1) BK 2) SPD/FCB 3) SPD/FCB #letsgogsimz?
  7. Soorya_ramp99

    Bhangra Blowout 24: Winner Poll

    1) Buckeye 2) UNC 3) MBT/Cal
  8. Soorya_ramp99

    Represent da people

    Represent da people
  9. Soorya_ramp99

    Big Apple Bhangra Predictions

    1) Detroit 2) VS 3) Everybody Good luck ASD :)
  10. Soorya_ramp99

    NSG Bruin mix 2015

    If anyone has NSG's mix from Bruin 2015 , I'm tryna get a hold of it and listen. Love that mix