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  1. jatt5ab1soorma

    Gurkawal Sidhu - Jalwa/Warriors (Upcoming debut single from VIRSA:OT Ex-Captain

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96uX9lAFoYk Everyone please check out the teaser of the upcoming single, please support by sharing and liking the video. Also if you haven't already, follow his facebook fan page :- https://www.facebook.com/gsidhuonline Thank you!
  2. jatt5ab1soorma

    Virsa: Our Tradition @ Motor City Bhangra 2014 (GTVHD)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96uX9lAFoYk This is the intro sher in the video, lookout for the single coming soon by our Ex-Captain Gurkawal Sidhu.
  3. jatt5ab1soorma

    MCB Competition Review

    YEA YO D-block!
  4. jatt5ab1soorma

    Gurkawal Sidhu - Jalwa [Warriors] BEHIND THE SCENES

    Check out behind the scenes making of Gurkawal Sidhu's upcoming debut video ! Please share 8) http://youtu.be/SQFqBOdZQKs[/size]
  5. jatt5ab1soorma

    BAB 2012 Mixer (VIRSA:OT/Committee) stage opening fun performance

    VIRSA performing at BAB 2012 MIXER.mp4 More to come soon !!
  6. jatt5ab1soorma


    lol u guys get too serious about everything. big deal its in punjabi so what. maybe next post will be in hindi. if the line up was in chinese, im sure no one in BTF would get 'offended' even tho 99% wont know how to read it. in fact u guys r coming off as insecure. we arent stupid, we kno...
  7. jatt5ab1soorma

    Virsa: OT @ Lohri Gig in Jersey

    He's a new dancer, hes learning...it will come with time for sure lol
  8. jatt5ab1soorma

    the OFFICIAL Kabaddi Cup 2011 Thread (PTC Punjabi DISH 604)

    sala badal fuduu....set it all up... i called it first hand USA was gonna take this tournament but INDIA team got too scared of them, Pussies!
  9. jatt5ab1soorma

    the OFFICIAL Kabaddi Cup 2011 Thread (PTC Punjabi DISH 604)

    Mika & Dulla (USA) are straight up nasty .... havent seen a stopper like Mika...crazy strong
  10. jatt5ab1soorma

    Notorious Jatt REMIX - Slambassador

    sickkkk mixxxx man, tooo clean and hot....download link?
  11. jatt5ab1soorma

    Big Apple Bhangra 2011: Team Mixer

    yea they did^, will be posted soon!
  12. jatt5ab1soorma

    BAB Mixer - Team Videos

  13. jatt5ab1soorma

    shivchand gets sent home on indias got talent

    kiran and sonali BAANDRI were straight up ignorant when they talked, they wouldnt even let them explain when questioned if anyone ever did live or not, i haven't seen nobody do live ever before on this show.... they said they sucked from all the bhangra performances the judges have seen...
  14. jatt5ab1soorma


    U serious foool? this guy yo lolol...go and have fun....gym da aaya lol