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    Vice City Competition Review

    “The trick is to stop thinking of it as ‘your’ money"
  2. K

    qualifications for judging?

    I feel like I’ve been reading the same thread since 2007! Judging is pathetic. Comps are cheap. They don’t get the best possible judges. I feel for teams but this has been said in the past- BOYCOTT COMPS COLLECTIVEY UNTIL THEY GET THEIR SHIT RIGHT.
  3. K

    AEG @ Bhangra in the Burgh (3rd Place)

    Ah ok, well that was 2014- hopefully we can put that behind us. None the less I will convey your message to @sargam627 and make sure our mix names are more appropriate moving towards the future. Thanks!
  4. K

    Furteelay @ Bhangra in the Burgh 2017

    Shit, I'm still in shock this didn't place. Didn't see it live but only heard good things all night. Watched both non-GTV and GTV and gotta say you guys have rebuilt amazingly well. Every single one of your drops hit, except maybe khunde (flat segment except Black jordi). Thought that was the...
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    AEG @ Bhangra in the Burgh (3rd Place)

    Hello BTF! Thank you very much for all the constructive criticism except the select few who only come on here to bash people, but you guys always provide solid entertainment so can't hate. However, I really do appreciate the constructive feedback. In the past 10 years as a team (for which Iv'e...
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    Bhangra in the Burgh Predictions!

    Thanks @siddyp
  7. K

    Bhangra in the Burgh Predictions!

    Panda and offbeat jumps is the new scene ;)
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    Bhangra in the Burgh Predictions!

    Personally I think you’re being nice. If you saw their last run I think you wouldn’t even let them compete at Burgh. Idk how these idiots have managed to get so many placing in the last 10 years... I’m with you on this
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    Need for new judges?

    More qualified than some of the clowns judging now...
  10. K

    NEW YORK CITY COED TEAM - Collecting Interest

    @Howie Magz ---> take him!
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    Need for new judges?

    Cherag Selhi Reeda Saleem Kinnell Shah ASG Gurpreet Dhaliwal Dilbagh Nagi Sandeep Singh Ashita Stephen Danny Singh Taranjot Kahlon Howie Magaro Sid Pandit Ram M. Kuntal Shah Harkiran Kaur Varan Rakhra Gurteg Singh Harry Kainth Jason Kataria SRK Karthik S. Komil D. GSIMZ I mean these are a few I...
  12. K

    Soormay @ Legacy of Bhangra 2017 (1st place)

    Hands down best "BHANGRA" set in a long long time. Would take first place ANYWHERE. Congrats boys! Job well done.
  13. K

    VSB | Waris @ BBC 2017

    So much fun to watch. My favorite routine of the season alongside Soormay. Polish it up for sure but man, I can see this set taking first anywhere! Solid execution and very refreshing to watch.
  14. K

    All Guys Team Battle

    As long as Sid isn't organizing it....
  15. K

    Furteelay Shokeen Circle City Bhangra (1st Place)

    AHH! That was very refreshing to watch. Watched both sets and you can see the improvement from NDC to Circle. The 16 man set was pulled off very well and I always thought you guys had interesting choreo but now you guys have stepped up the formation game as well! However, just like it is the...
  16. K

    Duniya De Rang @ BXB 2017: Video & Mix

    Badass. Would love to see how much damage you all would do with a weeks worth of practice. Incredible performance and hats off to finally making this happen. Shoutout to the AEG boys @Howie Magz & Mr. Shen
  17. K


    THIS right here. Comps need to do their research when picking judges. Sometimes I almost recommend going to the 8-10 competing teams and getting 2-3 names from them. See if any of the names are a regular name provided to you by all the teams, maybe that is a judge you want to look at...