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    What to look for while holding auditions?

    Thank you so much for the insight! I really really appreciate it!
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    What to look for while holding auditions?

    Hello, I am pretty new to this forum but I realize this is a great community of bhangra lovers. So I joined my non-competitive bhangra team at Davidson College around 2 years ago. And I somehow am lined up to be President next semester (Fall 2020). My goal is to be a competitive team within...
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    New Member? Introduce yourself here!

    Hello! Name: Nick Nguyen Team Affiliation: Davidson College Bhangra Favorite Artist: Bad Bunny, Troye Sivan, Diljit Dosanjh (I know I'm basic) Favorite Song: 25/8 Bad Bunny Favorite Competition: Never been to one, Davidson Bhangra does not compete Favorite Food: Korean BBQ Interests: Eating...