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  1. anuRAGE

    DJ Monte-S - Lean On Bhangra Ft. Sharmila, Manak-E, DJ Snake, MO & Major Lazer

    not that good...everything is too high pitch and chipmunky why do people do that with voices it sounds so annoying decent concept
  2. anuRAGE

    Spring 2015 Bhangra Mix

  3. anuRAGE

    Spring 2015 Bhangra Mix

    Hey guys, I put together a spring mix of some of my favorite music right now, credit to Prodigy and Slambassador for two original songs (Dhoka Cover and Dr. Zeus Inch Remix) which I mixed in this. Check it out, feedback is welcome!
  4. anuRAGE

    Ragini MMS 2 - Baby Doll Remix

    agree completely with GSingh haha this is really well done and goes very well with the original, great work!
  5. anuRAGE

    Furteelay Shokeen @ Motor City Bhangra 2014 (GTVHD)

    anyone know the song at 5:15?
  6. anuRAGE

    ***World's Best Bhangra Crew: Match-up #4***

    Amazing idea, this'll be super fun to watch :)
  7. anuRAGE


    This is an awesome addition to Pao! The show has gotten consistently better over the years, props to CB and the whole Pao committee for their hard work :)
  8. anuRAGE

    Song help please!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFEzE4ilZOk can someone upload an HQ version of the song at 1:00??
  9. anuRAGE

    VCU Bhangra at Bhangra in the Burgh 2013(reposted/with GTV video)

    front red guy at 3:18 = definition of nakhra, just wow...that entire segment before jhummar is definitely going down as one of my favorite bhangra segments ever haha also PLEASE post the mix!
  10. anuRAGE

    **CORNELL BHANGRA @ BIB 7 - 2nd Place**

    Anik, you are one creative guy, kudos for sticking to exactly what sets you guys apart and coming out with a win. Also, your nakhra is too cute :) When I saw the placings, I was really pleased and amazed just from knowing how many of the competing performers from last year this team had lost...
  11. anuRAGE

    Nachde Yaar Punjab De (NYPD) @ T-Dot Bhangra!!

    anyone know the song at 9:44?
  12. anuRAGE

    Cornell Bhangra Tryouts!

    awesome video, CB's video production never disappoints 8) good luck with the team Anik, expecting big things from you guys :)
  13. anuRAGE

    Carolina Bhangra Squad at Notorious Bhangra II- Balcony + GTV

    Re: Carolina Bhangra Squad at Notorious Bhangra II congrats!! yellow guy's jhummar was out of this world haha replayed that segment several times just to watch him, great song choice too overall very refreshing routine and performance to watch, its so great to see uniqueness and creativity...
  14. anuRAGE

    Billi Akh - Prabh Gill (Sample)

    amazing mix, only comment is that you could try to make the drop at :29 a bit stronger and more impactful bc right now it falls flat compared to the rest of the mix otherwise this is great work!
  15. anuRAGE

    ★☆★ BTF Mixing Ladder - RANKING POLL ★☆★

    Awesome, can't wait to see this unfold throughout the summer :D
  16. anuRAGE

    ***Virsa: Our Tradition - Captain's Wedding Reception***

    wow an amazing wedding performance, the incorporation fo bride and groom into the routine itself was excellent and definitely got the crowd going :) great job! and AMAZING mix, please post it!! yeah wow thats such a sick song can someone please upload it?? also what are the songs at 5:07 and 9:54
  17. anuRAGE

    Anakh-E-Gabroo Bruin 2013 (GTV) 1st Place

    +1 seriously haha, no part of any bhangra routine has hit me as hard as that one
  18. anuRAGE

    Anakh-E-Gabroo Bruin 2013 (GTV) 1st Place

    whether it was BBC back in 2011 or this performance, AEG has taken the idea of a 'memorable gimmick' to a completely different level and also showed (while they do have a fair share of technical ones) that often the hardest hitting things on stage are the simplest :) kudos for that ending...