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  1. The_Kraken

    First Class Bhangra @Bhangra in the Burgh 6 *** UPDATED WITH 2 VIDEOS and MIX***

    Re: First Class Bhangra @ Bhangra in the Burgh 6 *** UPDATED WITH VIDEO and MIX*** This team takes no prisoners. I love the set and the energy and the SICK jugni/chaal. Very entertaining and very clean. Props to Pankaj for putting the team on his back with that boli.
  2. The_Kraken

    First Class Bhangra @ Bruin Bhangra 14

    This is a team that knows how to have fun on stage and mix it up. True to form, Sammy's swag can't be contained to just bhangra. Saap segment was killer as always, and I love the lehriya pick-up. Overall, folk set and great job! Glad to see the protein did the trick :)
  3. The_Kraken

    Official Bhangra Blowout Mixtape by DJ Fresh(FREE DOWNLOAD)

    Ditto. Sorry for the trouble.
  4. The_Kraken

    UNC Bhangra Elite at Elite 8 Invitational 2012 [2 x Center Balcony HD]

    Re: UNC Bhangra Elite at Elite 8 Invitational 2012 [Center Balcony HD] Top to bottom, totally amazing set. Lots of wow mixed in with genuine, folk bhangra. I like the drumline's paghs.
  5. The_Kraken


    ^ That's my line! :) And it's true.
  6. The_Kraken


    What a lineup. Congrats to all the teams! And Steel City....I can't wait to see what you bring.
  7. The_Kraken


    I have to disagree with the whole "one more trick" idea. I think the set had plenty of gimmicks and tricks and variations on the FAUJ theme--enough to fulfill anyone's longing for creativity. And scuba thing might have been excessive, or maybe I just didnt understand it. In any event, it was...
  8. The_Kraken

    UNC Bhangra Elite @ BIB 5

    Congrats UNC! Very clean and very impressive. Excellent video angle as well :-)
  9. The_Kraken

    First Class Bhangra @ Bhangra in the Burgh 5 (BIB V) *** UPDATED AGAIN!!***

    Re: First Class Bhangra @ Bhangra in the Burgh 5 (BIB V) HD This was an unbelievable performance. So hype and such great choreo. I wish I could have been on stage with you guys. You ripped it.
  10. The_Kraken

    [**First Class Bhangra Mix Pack**]

    I joined in at the end too. Miss you fools.
  11. The_Kraken

    Front Turla Pagh Tutorial

    You can't become what you already are.
  12. The_Kraken

    know any good books...?

    I totally agree with Guns Germs and Steel. Definitely the best non-fiction book I've ever read. And it's not actually that dense, so it reads pretty smoothly. Also, there's a novel called Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts...it's a true story about a convict who escapes to India and lives...
  13. The_Kraken

    BAB results

    Damn straight Furteelay placing on the big stage! Well done guys...it's been a long time coming :-)
  14. The_Kraken

    Khirre Phul Gulab De (KPGD) @ BAB2 - Balcony View

    You guys were so sickkkk! It was such a fun routine to watch and the little stunts throughout were nice treats for the audience. I totally agree that the dancers all look so much more in sync. Not totally sure what the blackout was near the beginning, but that doesn't really matter. Great job!
  15. The_Kraken

    Competition - The BIG Day - Do's and Don'ts

    What Sid's saying is that the guy who leads the team's stretches is pretty much the most important guy on the team. Revere him.
  16. The_Kraken


    +1 But when gsimz and 2Nyce collaborate, the universe might just implode, cause nothing can top that. FCB!!!!!!
  17. The_Kraken

    ******NEW Competition: Bhangre di Mehfil 2010******

    Nice work guys! Any chance Ben Roethlisberger will be a guest judge? btw, that's what Lima is famous for...
  18. The_Kraken

    Bayside lineup

    First Class=First Place Do it up FCB!
  19. The_Kraken

    NFL Draft 1st round thoughts

    McDaniels thinks he can coach up any decent QB to excel in his system, so Tebow (considering his "intangibles") fits the bill perfectly. Also, he's looking for a strong arm (which Colt McCoy doesn't really have). After getting rid of Jay "boo hoo" Cutler and Brandon "slipped on a McDOnald's...